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URBAN PARKS ART - Downtown Seattle Association

The Downtown Seattle Association sees art as serving a unique and important role within the partnership between DSA and Seattle Parks and Recreation to manage both Occidental Square and Westlake Park. Our public spaces are reflections of our city and we at the DSA feel strongly that these two critical public arenas should serve to bring greater opportunities to the artist community here in Seattle, as well as showcasing world-class art within our downtown core.

Funded organizations or individuals can allocate funding as they see fit toward: artist fees, marketing and promotional fees, project management and personnel costs, supplies, equipment rentals or other production-related costs, required permits (see DSA parks permit) and no more than 10% for food-related costs. Funds may not be used for fundraising, gifts, organizational administrative costs not directly related to the project or the purchase of equipment. There is no partial funding for this program. Applicants can apply for the following levels of funding. Only groups with a demonstrated history of producing public artwork can apply for funding at $3,000 level and above.

Project Timeline
There are two annual open call periods a year for artists to choose from depending on when they hope to have their art displayed. Artists should specify park preference within their application.
Artist call open Aug. 1 through Sept. 30.
Applications due Oct. 1. Selected artist notified by Oct. 31.
Installations installed mid-January through mid-March.
Artist call opens April 1 through May 31.
Applications due June 1. Selected artist notified made by June 30.
Installations installed mid-September through mid-November.

For More Information and Prospectus:

Groundswell: City of Shoreline Public Art Program

Call for Temporary Environmental Artwork

As a means of fostering new interpretations of art and nature in urban spaces, the City of Shoreline Public Art Program seeks temporary artworks for display in parks (along trails, glades, meadows, and reclaimed gravel pits), especially Brugger’s Bog and Southwoods,

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Call for Artists

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