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Maude Kerns Art Center 2021 & 2022 Exhibits Schedule

Maude Kerns Art Center in Eugene, OR is currently accepting submissions for its 2021 & 2022 Exhibits Schedule. Local, regional, and national artists (individuals and groups) working in 2- and 3- dimensional mediums, as well as installation art, are invited to submit their work for consideration. Solo, group, and/or themed shows will be curated based on the content, quality, and number of submissions. Established, mid-career, and emerging artists are encouraged to apply. 

Please visit the Maude Kerns Art Center website to view the complete prospectus and to learn how to apply by mail or online through

The Maude Kerns Art Center, founded in 1950, is a non-profit community art center for the visual arts in Eugene, Oregon, dedicated to providing exhibitions and educational programs for all ages, facilities for artists, public events, and support for community artists. The Art Center presents 8 – 10 exhibitions each year, including solo and group shows featuring local, regional, and national artists.

Over its 70 year history the Maude Kerns Art Center has been a springboard for emerging artists as well as providing an excellent space for established artists of almost all media and styles imaginable. The Art Center boasts two main gallery areas with high ceilings, a raised stage area, a Members Gallery Gift Shop, over 500 registered members who receive notifications of upcoming shows, as well as being home to a ceramics studio, darkroom, print studio, and multiple classrooms for ongoing arts education.

For questions please contact Sarah Ciampa, Exhibits Coordinator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 541-345-1571.

To Apply
Fee: $30.00 (2021 & 2022 Exhibits Schedule)
Entry Deadline: 4/10/20

2020 Edmonds Arts Festival

The Edmonds Arts Festival, Edmonds WA, one of the largest arts festivals in Washington State, is accepting submissions for its 2020 juried arts fair starting on March 1, 2020 to May 3, 2020. The festival is open to all artists 18 and older and categories of art include painting, drawing, prints, miniatures and small paintings, 3D art, photography, and computer art.
Submissions are made using Café and the link can be found at 
If selected artists will be displayed at the fair from June 19-21 in Edmonds, WA. First, Second, Third, and Honorable Mention winners will be awarded cash prizes at our awards ceremony on June 14 from 4-5PM.

THREE-DIMENSIONAL ART: This category encompasses both fine artisan work based on functional concepts and non-functional three-dimensional art. Included, but not limited to are, clay, mosaic, metal, stone, wood, glass, fiber, quilts, and jewelry.

Presentation and Size Requirements for THREE-DIMENSIONAL ART:
• Three-dimensional work may not exceed 80" x 30" x 30".
• No on-site assembly is allowed.
• Textile entries must not exceed 2600 square inches.
• Hanging textiles, rugs, or quilts must have a sleeve for mounting.
  A hanging rod must be provided. Nothing over 5 lbs. can be hung.
• Nothing can be hung from ceiling or overhead.

Touch Gallery – Call for Artists

Touch Gallery – Call for Artists  Touch Gallery at SEAF

The 2020 Seattle Erotic Art Festival (SEAF) will be featuring the Touch Gallery, curated by Cyra Jane and populated with many stone carvings and other sculptures that are sensual and fun to touch.

Ed Salerno Of the SeaThis curated gallery within the larger festival premiered in 2018 and featured 17 sculptures by NWSSA members Cyra, Markos Weiss, Sabah Al-Daher, Ben Kimura, Tom Francis, Julie Pitman, Ed Salerno, Steve Sandry, Steve Rabago, Wakey Nelson, Woody Morris, Bob Olander, Mark Andrew, and Jocelyne Dodier. Ed Salerno and Sarah Tanksley were instrumental in helping organize and run the gallery as festival viewers were invited to don blindfolds and explore the sculptures by touch, guided either by one of the artists or by someone they trust. Our part of the show was a huge hit! Thousands of people interacted with our artworks and the Touch Gallery was hands down one of the favorite installations that year at SEAF. The show resulted in at least one sale.

In its 17th year, SEAF has grown from an afternoon exhibit in Seattle’s Town Hall to a three-day extravaganza that attracts over 4,000 art lovers to view 300 works from local and international artists. In addition to the open gallery hours during the day, Friday and Saturday evenings feature lavish galas with music, performance art, and a thousand people each all dressed up, feeling good, and talking about the art surrounding them. While much of the work is explicit, much is also subtle, humorous, and sweetly sensual. You can find out more about the festival on their website: This year SEAF will be April 24, 25, and 26th.

Ben Kimura The TorsoI’ve been attending SEAF since its first year, and it is one of my favorite events specifically because I’ve never seen another art show where people are so excited about the art and spend so much time with it. At the galas, most everyone spends hours circling the exhibits, picking out and voting on favorites, sharing their opinions and discussing artwork with both friends and strangers. In my history with SEAF, I’ve been part of a team of invited installation artists in 2010 (we won the People’s Choice award that year for our peek-a-boo dollhouse), a juried artist for marble works in 2016, and an invited installation artist with Touch in 2018. This year I’m officially a Guest Festival Curator and will be partially curating the Touch Gallery with NWSSA members and partially jurying from SEAF submitters. We are limited to 12 pieces this year, and I encourage you to be a part of this! 

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City of Redlands, CA Public Art

The city of Redlands, California is seeking proposals from sculptors for its Public Arts Program. Selected sculptures will be scattered throughout the city of Redlands. Sculptures will be displayed on temporary loan for two years, creating a dynamic rotating collection of public art around the city. The Redlands Public Art Project will include a printed walking, biking, and/or driving tour of the sculptures and a mobile-friendly online tour with artists discussing their work.

Artists who will participate in the Redlands Public Art Project will be exposed to thousands of visitors each year and the work will be offered for sale at the end of the two-year period. Each artist will receive an honorarium of $2,000 for the period of the two-year loan.

Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Entry Deadline: 7/1/20
To Apply:

Public Art Archive

This is a call for the inclusion of public art collections in the Public Art Archive, an online database of public art. To be considered for inclusion, you must be a professional artist who has completed and installed public artwork, or an administrator of an established public art program. There is no charge to submit entries to the Public Art Archive. Public art is defined here as art that is situated in a location that is accessible or viewable by the general public and was, in most cases, commissioned by a public art entity, typically using percent-for-art or public funding. Gallery art and art exhibited inside galleries and museums is not eligible. Works of art that were commissioned and/or gifted by corporations, museums, educational institutions, private parties, and other entities may also be eligible. Permanently cited, temporary, new media, performative, rotating, and portable works may be eligible if they meet the commonly known definition of public art or civic art.

The Public Art Archive™ (PAA™), like™ (CaFE™), is powered by the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF). The Western States Arts Federation is a nonprofit regional arts service organization dedicated to the development of an expanded awareness of the power of the arts. Much of the organization’s work is accomplished through the development of technologies that benefit the arts and the arts community. WESTAF created the PAA™, which launched in 2009 with the collections of a few pilot public art agencies. We are pleased to invite artists and collection managers to include their artworks on this premier database for public art.

Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NWSSA Artist Call: Old Alcohol Plant Inn

Call to NWSSA member artists for sculpture submissions to be installed at
310 Hadlock Bay Rd. 
Port Hadlock, WA. 98339 


The owners of the Inn have created an opportunity for an on-going display of sculpture. 

Sculptures not to exceed 100 lbs for ease of installation. Pedestals are supplied by the Inn.

In the main lobby near the Spirits Bar & Grill Restaurant, there is space for at least a dozen sculpture pieces on pedestals. There are 4 four-shelf glass showcases for smaller works in the gift shop area.

Sales commission is 40% which supports the Old Alcohol Plant Inn's mission to provide lodging for community members in need, create jobs to enhance our economy, and provide a beautiful waterfront location for events and classes.

To Apply online [Click HERE] otherwise download the application form, fill it in and email 2 pictures of each piece with size and dimensions.

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Groundswell: City of Shoreline Public Art Program

Call for Temporary Environmental Artwork

As a means of fostering new interpretations of art and nature in urban spaces, the City of Shoreline Public Art Program seeks temporary artworks for display in parks (along trails, glades, meadows, and reclaimed gravel pits), especially Brugger’s Bog and Southwoods,

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Call for Artists

We always try to post current public art projects, artist fellowships, juried visual art competitions and exhibition opportunities that might appeal to our members. If you would like to make sure that a Call for Artists opportunity appears on our website, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following are links to helpful sites with information, resources more calls for artists in all disciplines:

  Here is a link to the Artist Trust site:

Here is a link to CaFE site which serves as an aggregator for artist calls:  

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Here is a link to the Regional Arts & Culture Council: