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Carole Lee

"Purpose' Aztec marble, slate, soapstone and mosses by Eirene Blomberg"Purpose"

Carole has been creating art most of her life, experimenting with many mediums. In 1970 she began to sculpt, first in clay then stone. She says she found stone mesmerizing and never thought she would go to any other medium.

Many years later she found her way to San Miguel de Allende for a few months. She fell in love with the beautiful artist colony and the process of making bronze sculpture. Carole returned home to continue her bronze work at Palomar College under the direction of Ron Young. She has two bronze public art pieces in her hometown of Vista, California.

She says her work is a combination of what she sees and what she feels.

“I do art because it is inside and needs to come out. I am on the far side of middle age and do not know where the time went. There is however, a positive aspect to age— experience.  Life touches you with much beauty if you allow it.

I have little formal training, but I do have a PhD in Life.  I love texture, form and negative space and I try to leave something to the imagination— to make you think, or in the very least to make you smile.

What next?  I will go wherever the spirit moves me.”

—Carole Lee