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Minutes of NWSSA Board Meeting 8-24-2016 Draft


Minutes of NWSSA Board Meeting on Wednesday August 24, 2016 at the Suttle Lake Symposium

Carl Nelson – President
Ken Barnes – Vice President
Ben Mefford – Secretary
Pat Barton
Doug Wiltshire
Steve Sandry

Also in attendance:

Renee Roberts, Cyra Jane Hobson, Bob Leverich, Kirsten [?]

The meeting was called to order at 3:00pm.

Previous BoD meeting minutes still need to be posted and approved.

1.       Minutes and Attendance
2.       Washington Symposium 2017 venue change
3.       New Storage on member property
4.       Camp B 2016 review from Symposium Director
5.       Suttle Lake 2016 update from Symposium Director and Registrar
6.       Old Business
   a.   King County Parks
  Washington State Arts Commission
   c.  Flower and Garden Show & Occidental Park Event
   d.  Fort Worden
7.  Educational exchange program with Japan
8.  Grants

2.  Washington Symposium 2017 venue change

Carl Nelson summarized the updated conversation with the new owners of the Treacy Levine Center and the board reviewed its recent decision to move the symposium to a new venue.  Due to the many unknowns of the transition of the TLC facility for their internal needs, the new owners cannot offer us assurance that the facility would still be available to meet the needs of NWSSA in time for our 2017 symposium.  The BoD had previously identified several viable alternative sites, the two front runners being Pilgrim Firs and Indianola.  Indianola had become booked for our ideal event dates by 8/15/16 when the venue change decision was made via email.  Pilgrim Firs also offered additional incentive and was selected as the event location for the 2017 Washington Symposium.  Costs are expected to be approximately the same as those of the 2016 event.  The board carried a motion to move the symposium to Pilgrim Firs for the 2017 Symposium via email, and affirmed this decision in person at this meeting.

3.  New Storage at Wayne M.’s property.

Member Wayne M. generously offered to allow the NWSSA to place a storage container on his family property in Seattle to house association equipment indefinitely.  Everything has been moved from the Treacy Levine Center property and is now in storage here.  Board president Carl Nelson has a spare key to the property and board member Pat Barton has a spare key to the storage container.  A donation of approximately 8 tons of stone (mostly sandstone) from the James Washington Foundation is also being stored at the property.  The association has committed to immediately organizing a volunteer work party to paint the container green to camouflage it.

4.  Camp B 2016 review from Symposium Director

Symposium Director Cyra Jane Hobson reported that the event was a success and early financial numbers looked very positive for both tuition and for the educational fund.  She reported that both of the Resource Tent teachers have requested a total of about $1000 of new tools to add to the association tool library, and a detailed list should be forthcoming.

5.  Suttle Lake 2016 update from Symposium Director and Registrar

Symposium Director Doug Wiltshire had positive reports about the relationship with the camp staff, and informed the board that it has potential to continue as a long term home for the Oregon Symposium.  He requested that the board approve the purchase of two storage containers to be housed on the property.  In return for the camp building a pad, painting the containers, securing and maintaining them, they will borrow storage space in one of the containers in perpetuity while NWSSA uses the other for on-site storage.

A motion was made to approve $4500 expenditure for the purchase of two storage containers, and the vote was carried.

Symposium Registrar Renee reported that member turnout for the Suttle Lake Symposium has been excellent and that marketing efforts for the public art show have been positive.  A color ad had been placed in the local newspaper, and two people had passed out flyers to many locations in nearby Sisters, OR.  This year there were also new sponsorships by way of product donations by Atlas Cider and Big Sky Brewing, among others.

6.  Old Business

A. King County Parks
Board Secretary Ben Mefford summarized the progress that we have been making building a relationship with King County Parks over the last year.  Cyra has excellent ideas for small teaching classes in the parks and will take the lead to identify opportunities this upcoming Fall and Spring.  Ben is pursuing projects for passive display of permanent/temporary sculptures at one or more King County Parks.

B. Washington State Arts Commission
Karen Hanan and Dr. Bassem Bejjani from the WA Arts Commission visited the 2016 Washington Symposium at the invitation of board member Rick Johnson to tour the event and get to know our association better.  It was a very positive visit and Karen encouraged NWSSA members to seriously consider applying for the Public Art Roster.  Board member Pat Barton suggested that the Arts Commission create a secondary tier of the art roster for artists who can contribute excellent work on intermediary scale projects but may struggle to compete for commissions against more well known artists.

C. Flower and Garden Show & Occidental Park Event
Discussed importance of having promotional material for the symposiums available in time for the Flower and Garden Show.  Member Kerin Monica has volunteered to run the NWSSA booth at the Flower and Garden Show.  Reminder that the Occidental Park 1st Thursday art walk will be occurring the first week of September in Seattle.

D. Fort Worden
Board president Carl Nelson has been in early talks with Fort Worden about using space and possibly hosting an NWSSA winter symposium.  Board member Rick Johnson has volunteered to take the lead on this project. NWSSA would be collaborating with Centrum (a non-profit that manages some of the property) and with the Port Authority.

7.  Educational exchange program with Japan

An initial effort by member Kentaro K. and Symposium Director Doug Wiltshire to provide scholarship opportunities to guest sculptors from Japan have been richly successful toward enhancing the idea exchange of the Oregon Symposium.  The next step will be to establish a process to allow members from the U.S. to be able to travel to Japan and participate in a complimentary exchange.  Evergreen University, Lane Community College, and the University of Oregon have potential for collaborative participation in this exchange.

8.  Grants

Board Secretary Ben Mefford continues to pursue several grant opportunities for NWSSA, and both Cyra Jane Hobson and board member Ken Barnes volunteered to contribute writing or proofing towards grant applications. Current needs include a new presentation projector, the forthcoming list of new tools for approximately $1000, support for mentorship, or artist-in-residence opportunities.

A motion to adjourn was carried at 5:00pm

Minutes of NWSSA Board Meeting 1-9-2016 Draft


Minutes of NWSSA Board meeting on January 9th, 2016
at Ken Barnes home, Seattle, WA

Present were:
Carl Nelson – President
Michael Yeaman – Treasurer
Verena Schwippert - Secretary
Ken Barnes
Ben Mefford 
Pat Barton
Rick Johnson

Also in attendance:
Renee Roberts - taking minutes

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm.
Previous BoD meeting minutes available on NWSSA website were approved by all.

Camp B & Suttle Lake Symposium Financials
Northwest Flower and Garden Show (NWFGS)
Other show/exhibit opportunities
Other Business

Camp Brotherhood Symposium 2015:
·         Rick Johnson stated that the Washington State Arts Commission would like to hold their annual meeting at Camp B in the future. Meetings are scheduled a year in advance. 2017
·         Ken presented financials; Compared to previous year  Income up $3,000; Expenses also up $49,000 vs. $46,000 Net loss of $1,700 vs. $1,500 from previous year. $11,000 auction income highlights a successful event.
·         CyraJane 2016 Symposium Director & Ben have been working on negotiating with TLC (Proposed 12% increase, still negotiating with facility)
·         Instructors: Deborah Wilson to return, Senden Blackwood from Australia
·         2016 Camp B: Mount Vernon Symposium July 9th - 17th, 2016
·          Historically auction funds are to pay for education defined as work study scholarships and instruction
·          Proposed action: should Instructors room, board & stipend be paid from educational fund? Motion seconded and unanimously passed.

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BOD Meeting Minutes August 2015

Minutes of Board Meeting from 8-26–2015 held at Stone Sculpting Symposium at Suttle Lake.
Meeting was called to order at 4:08 pm.

Members of the Board present:
Carl Nelson, President; Ken Barnes, Vice President;
Pat Barton; Steve Sandry, Rick Johnson
Guest: Doug Wiltshire, became a board member

Board Matters:
Rick Johnson moves that we expand the board by one person to gain additional OR representation. This person would run for re-election at our next annual election. Pat Barton seconded and all approved. Rick nominated Doug Wiltshire be added to the board immediately for this position. Pat Barton seconded, all approved.

Meeting minutes from last board meeting
Pat Barton motioned to approve the meeting minutes. Steve Sandry seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer's report
Transition to new treasurer Michael Yeaman. CB15 results are not ready yet. Ken will gather the materials and work with Michael to create the CB 15 summary.

Ken has not been counting instructor payments as instructional support, only the subsidy that is a difference between the market charge and what the instructor is paying. Instructor payments are a cost of doing business. Significant discussion about allocation of costs between operating funds and scholarship funds. Symposium director will determine the allocation of instructional costs between operating and scholarship funds.

Suttle Lake 2016
Doug will do the event again next year as director. The event has worked well this year and he thinks there are many interesting avenues to pursue (sculpture walk, involvement of new people). Needs to get the brochure out sooner next year so that Suttle Lake doesn’t get as cannibalized by CB. We need to have a workshop in OR to build pedestals with some excess being left for Suttle Lake sculpture walk. Camp manager is interested in talking with Rick and Pat about installing field power for future years so we don’t have to rent a generator. We have the whole camp next year.

General I
Occidental Park first Thursday in September. We are being paid $400 by the event organizers for expenses.

This meeting was adjourned at 5:10 pm.

Board Meeting July 2015

Board of Directors Meeting, July 15, 2015  Camp Brotherhood, Mount Vernon

Present were Carl Nelson, Ken Barnes, Steve Sandry, Ben Mefford, Michael Yeaman, guests: Rich Hestekind and CyraJane Hobson
Absent were Verena Schwippert

1. Election of Officers
President: Carl Nelson
Vice President: Ken Barnes
Treasurer: Michael Yeaman
Secretary: Verena Schwippert

2. Change of ByLaws  
Renee Roberts will confirm the number of votes cast and check what constitutes a majority in order to change bi-laws. 
Renee will update the board member spreadsheet. Board will review if ByLaw change has passed.

3. Election Results: by paper ballot and online voting the results are as follows:
A.  Board members serve a two year commitment, entailing 2-4 meetings a year with your peers to conduct board business. Three of our members are up for reelection to the board and one candidate has agreed to serve:
Our three current members: Verena Schwippert, Pat Barton, Ben Mefford, and new board member Doug Wiltshire have been elected to the board

B.  Vote to amend NWSSA Bylaws: The amendment to our bylaws entails the vote for Change of Term Limitations from three 2-year terms to four 2-year terms for all board members.
The membership has agreed to an amendment change.

4. Sculpture Show Opportunity
Cyra Jane presented the show opportunity in Occidental park, Seattle. Cyra will work up an event budget, part of which may be covered by
the BOD agrees it is a good idea, but we need to confirm the cost for NWSSA.
ALSO, BOD clarified its relation to Cyra Jane as a project-by-project/pay for specific services relationship.

5. Suttle Lake Symposium general discussion and update by Rich Hestikind.

6. Storage Location for association equipment and supplies.
possibly at Wayne Maslin's property Duvall/Monroe. Or at Camp B. Or do we need a more central location?
Agreed Ben Mefford will do a grant application to seek funds to pay for it.
At a future date BOD will make decision about siting and cost of container.

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Board Minutes June 2015

Minutes of NWSSA Board of Directors meeting

Saturday, June 20th, 2015 at Volunteer Park in Seattle, WA.

Present were:

Carl Nelson, President;

Rick Johnson, Pat Barton, Steve Sandry and Verena Schwippert, secretary.

Absent were: Ken Barnes, Ben Mefford; Michael Yeaman.

The meeting opened at 9am.

1 Changing the By-laws: Change of the by-laws from three two year terms to four 2 year terms has been suggested. Changing the By-laws is up for vote by the general membership, at its meeting at CB in July 2015.

2 Search for a new treasurer , as Ken Barnes is resigning.

There are some prospective candidates for this position. Ken Barnes would mentor the new treasurer during their first year.

Carl Nelson and Rick Johnson will talk to some possible candidates for this position.

3 Search for a new symposium director, as Ben Mefford is resigning, however, is willing to mentor new CB director during the coming year.

Carl and Verena will talk to some possible candidates.

A discussion about the usefulness of written standard operating procedures, SOP, for treasurer and Camp director and other positions ensued. We have same from and for the past, perhaps they should be refreshed.

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Board Minutes August 2014


Minutes of NWSSA Board meeting on August 28th, 2014
at Silver Falls Lodge & Conference Center in Oregon

Present were:
Carl Nelson – President
Ken Barnes – Treasurer
Ben Mefford - Camp B 2014 Director
Pat Barton
Rick Johnson

Also in attendance:
Renee Roberts - taking minutes
Doug Wiltshire - Silver Falls Symposium Director

The meeting was called to order at 1:23 pm.
Previous BoD meeting minutes available on NWSSA website were approved by all.

Camp B
Silver Falls
Other Business

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Board Meeting Minutes July 2014

Minutes NWSSA of July 16th, 2014

Board of Directors meeting at Camp Brotherhood Symposium

BoD meeting began at 8:30 pm


  • Carl Nelson, president
  • Michael Yeaman, vice president
  • Ken Barnes, treasurer
  • Ben Mefford, director of symposium
  • Pat Barton, field director
  • Verena Schwippert, secretary and
  • Steve Sandry, newly elected board member


  • Gerda Lattey and
  • Rick Johnson, newly elected to the board

Board Officers Elections

The 4 officers of the board resigned and were newly elected at this meeting.

Namely: Carl Nelson, president; Michael Yeaman, vice president;

Ken Barnes, treasurer; Verena Schwippert, secretary.

Minutes from previous meeting.
The minutes from the last BoD meeting in were approved by all.

Finances. Ken Barnes' financial report from the General meeting was briefly discussed. The balance for the year 2013 is minus $ 5200, an acceptable amount given NWSSA's current reserves.

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Board Minutes March 2014

Minutes 3–22–2014 

NWSSA Board of Directors Meeting
at Seattle Design Center

Present were:
Carl Nelson, President;
Michael Yeaman, Vice President;
Pat Barton, Symposium Field Director;
Ken Barnes,Treasurer;
Ben Mefford, Director of Symposium;
Verena Schwippert, Secretary.

The meeting was called to order at 2:12 pm.
Minutes from last meeting were approved by all.

All minutes have been, and will be, posted on the NWSSA website.

1. Lead by Ken, a general discussion ensued about donors, anonymity and also donations handled through the Seattle Foundation, which pairs donors with non-profits. Carl Nelson has registered NWSSA with them, to receive donations through them for their May 6th GiveBig .

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Board Minutes Sept 27, 2013

Minutes of NWSSA Board meeting on September 27th , 2013 at Carl Nelson's home in Lake Stevens , WA

Present were:
Carl Nelson – President
Jon Schmidt
Ken Barnes – Treasurer
Verena Schwippert – Secretary
Ben Mefford  - Camp B 2014 Director
Pat Barton
Michael Yeaman – Vice President  - per Skype
Gerda Lattey – joined per Skype at 10:30am

The meeting was called to order at 9:45 am.

Previous BoD meeting minutes from Silver Falls were read and approved by all.

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Board Minutes - July 17, 2013

Draft of Meeting Minutes
July 17th, Wednesday 2013

NWSSA Board meeting at Stone Sculptors Symposium, Camp Brotherhood, Mount Vernon, WA

Members of the Board present were:

Carl Nelson, Pat Barton, Ben Mefford – new member of the Board;
Michael Yeaman, Jon Schmidt, Ken Barnes, Verena Schwippert.

- Guest: Renee' Roberts, association secretary.

Gerda Lattey was absent.

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Board Minutes - May 4, 2013

Minutes, May 4th, 2013

Board of Directors meeting

[held at Carl Nelson's home in Lake Stevens]

The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 pm
Present in person:
Carl Nelson, Vice President
Verena Schwippert, Secretary
Pat Barton
Jon Schmidt
Michael Yeaman

via Skype or telephone:
Gerda Lattey, President
Ken Barnes, Treasurer

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Board Minutes - July 18, 2012

held at 25th Stone Sculpting Symposium at Camp Brotherhood.

Meeting was called to order at 8:40 pm.

Members of the Board presentGerda Lattey, President; Carl Nelson, Vice President; Pat Barton; Ken Barnes, Treasurer; Verena Schwippert, Secretary;

Newly elected Board members: Michael Yeaman and Jon Schmidt.

Guests: Vic Picou, Barbara Davidson

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Board Minutes - November 6, 2010

Minutes of Meeting (and follow-up)

Location: Evergreen State College

Date: Nov 6th 2010


Purpose: Scheduled NWSSA Board of Directors Meeting

Attendees: Gerda Lattey,  Petra Brambrink, Al Mangold, Carl Nelson, Carol Turner

Absent: Seth Friedman

 Minutes:  August 28th Minutes from Silver Falls

1.      Minutes Discussion: – intent, clarity, and completeness of item seven on the minutes (See Exhibit A below).  Gerda asked they be tabled until they can be clarified with Seth and  Rich Hestekind contacted with proposal. An email discussion from Nov 8th, motion and approval (See Exhibit B below) to go forward with replenishing $5008.00 to the Silver Falls auction fund.   Minutes were corrected, sent, and approved on Nov 9th

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Board Minutes - August 28, 2010

Minutes of Meeting
Silver Firs State Park, OR,  Date: Aug 28th 2010,  2:05pm
Scheduled NWSSA Board of Directors Meeting
Attendees: Gerda Lattey, Petra Brambrink, Al Mangold, Carl Nelson, Set Friedman
Absent:  Carol Turner (in Russia carving)

 Minutes:  July Camp B  minutes from Lane – Petra moved minutes to be accepted as presented - Petra moved minutes to be accepted as presented by Lane. Second by Carl. Minutes were approved unanimously.

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Board Minutes - November 20, 2009



NOVEMBER 20, 2009 at SEATTLE CITY LIBRARY (downtown branch)

Meeting opened at 2:10 pm by President Gerda Lattey.

Board members present were Leon White, Lane Tompkins, Elaine Mac Kay, Gerda Lattey and Petra Brambrink.

Board members absent were Bill Brayman and Carole Turner.

Guests attending were Carl Nelson, Bill Gallagher and Ken Barnes.

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Board Minutes - August 25, 2009


Minutes of the NWSSA board meeting in the dining hall of Silver Falls State park (20022 Silver Falls Hwy SE, Sublimity, Oregon 97385   Phone: 866-575-8875) on August 25, 2009.
The five board members present (constituting a quorum of the seven current members) were:
Gerda Lattey, President
Petra Brambrink, Treasurer
Lane Tompkins, Secretary
Bill Brayman
Elaine Mac Kay
The meeting was called to order by Gerda at 2:03pm.
Gerda thanked Elaine and her team for their hard work on making Camp Brotherhood Symposium a success. She stated that in the future the board would be working on distributing the formidable work load by establishing Symposium procedures.

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Board Minutes - July 16, 2009


NorthWest Stone Sculptors Association
Minutes from July 16, 2009 Board of Directors meeting
The meeting was held at Camp Brotherhood (24880 Brotherhood Rd., Mt. Vernon, WA) during the Stone Sculpting Symposium – in Warren Hall – immediately after the yearly general membership meeting.
(The first part of these minutes was recorded by Verena Schwippert, outgoing secretary. The second part by Lane Tompkins, newly elected secretary.)
Board members present:
Elaine MacKay, Gerda Lattey, Leon White, Petra Brambrink, Bill Brayman, Lane Tompkins.
Absent was new Board member Carole Turner.
Guests: Verena Schwippert, Nancy Green, Vic Picou, Nicky Oberholtzer, Tracy Powell.

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Board Minutes Apr 2009

Working Draft

NWSSA sponsors the operation of a web site and a mail list server that contains information about users of these services. This privacy statement describes what information is gathered, how it is used, to whom is it disclosed, and what options the user has.

Information that may be gathered over the course of business:

  • Membership information including name, address, and email address
  • Contact information for officers, board members, and working groups
  • Contact information for symposium attendees
  • Email address, optional user name for mail lists
  • Subscription configuration data and change records
  • Mail and web server server logs including IP addresses and cookies
  • Email that is routed through the list server

Information used and disclosed:

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Board Minutes Feb 2009

Northwest Stone Sculptors Association

Board of Directors meeting, minutes - February 1, 2009

The meeting was held at Tom Francis' home in Seattle.

Attending: Rich Andler (Treasurer), Petra Brambrink, Tom Francis (President) and Verena Schwippert (Secretary). With 4 people attending there was no quorum for voting.

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