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 BOD meeting 7-12-17 
 BOD Members Present:
Carl Nelson
Steve Sandry
Michael Yeaman
Patty McPhee – New member
Ken Barnes
Ben Mefford
Pat Barton
Rick Johnson
Steve Galea – New member
General members present:
Renee Roberts
Cyra Jane Hobson
Mikky Barnett
Vic Picou

Non-member present:
Ed Brooks (President, California Sculptors Association)

Vacated the positions on the board.
Carl Nelson elected President
Ken Barnes elected Vice President
Steve Galea elected Secretary
Michael Yeaman elected Treasurer

Previous minutes approved.

Financial report – stable and successful operations. Higher expenses at Suttle Lake in 2016 reflect purchase of two storage containers for about $6,500. This will not be an expense that we’ll see this year. Our $58,000 in surplus are about evenly split between scholarship funds and general operating funds. There was some discussion about whether our funds reserved for scholarships are increasing and our general funds are declining, and what we need to do to keep the balance. Michael will prepare a report to show the level of scholarship fund and general fund over the last 5 years.

Michael will be getting a bank debit card for use. The Treasurer will solely authorize use and will hold the card. Discussion of transition of not getting card issued until Ben to takes over for Michael as treasurer when Ben is free I the coming months.
We will figure out and undertake the paperwork necessary in order to properly bring in foreign instructors.

Pilgrim Firs
We’ll return to camp next year – the vote was unanimous. There was some concern about dining room capacity. We don’t want to split the dining area into separate rooms and we like the round tables.
We need to figure out storage. We need a 10 x 12’ storage unit, and we cannot use a shipping container (PF doesn’t like them). Cyra and Pat will work with PF staff to get this established
Electrical boxes/cables – Pat got a quote for rental, delivery, and pick up at Pilgrim Firs ($5,200, rebid at $3,200). We were paying $1,700/yr for rental. Pat found 8 distribution boxes, 2ea. 100’ power cords, 6ea. 50’ power cords, and 2ea. cord ends came to $2557.50 plus $255.75 SST.  Ben has applied for a grant to purchase these. We will buy 4 new cords and boxes for Suttle Lake.

We paid $650 for power pole in parts. Licensed electrician Sherry’s brother did it.
The wifi is inadequate. We will check into bringing our own NWSSA wi-fi node to hook up next year.
A member hiked to cell phone tower nearby and noted the tower location – we will prepare a group and individual letters to send to AT&T and T-Mobile to request that they add their antenna to this tower.

Cyra would like to have PF change the way they charge for occupancy. Cyra should talk to Wade and bring in Carl to discuss future charges.

Rick Johnson talked about the Governor’s Award. Notice in the fall. Ben, Carl, Cyra put it together. This should be a positive thing if we win it.

Brenda, a former member and now an art therapist with Fort Madigan Hospital visited the site today. She would like to bring along a number of traumatic brain injury veterans next year.

• Before members leave they pay their bill or get paid in order to close out the financial aspects of the symposium
• Oak Harbor proposal – need to clean up the paperwork if we do it again. Another building is opening up that we might be able to use it for a permanent sculpture gallery – NWSSA Gallery. More information to follow
• Paint container at Wayne’s – it has been on site for over a year and we need to paint it.
• Ben – Japanese exchange at Suttle Lake – they are attending Suttle Lake at no cost to them, paying their own transportation to get there. The Board approved Carl to find out what the Japanese expect for reciprocity.
• Rick is going to the Carving Studio in VT and will talk to the director there about re-establishing a relationship
• Fort Warden opportunity is still there and Rick and Carl will follow up to find out what the opportunity will be (using space at their facility).
• Ed Brooks – will we continue the exchange with the California Sculptors Association. We’ll send Cyra down next year in order to further the dialogue (4-22 to 4-29 2018).

Motion to adjourn accepted 8:59pm