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 BOD meeting 8-23-17 3:40pm 
 BOD Members Present:
Carl Nelson
Patty McPhee
Ken Barnes
Ben Mefford
Pat Barton
General members present:
Renee Roberts
Cyra Jane Hobson
Kirsten Rayhawk

Oak Harbor event – should we sponsor/support this as an event? Yes. Should we extend our insurance for this event? Event duration Sept 1st to Dec 31st. Only the extent our insurance covers this sort of thing – no additional coverage necessary.
Statement of NWSSA insurance coverage that the artists agree to. We will check with our insurance agent to determine what coverage we have for this. Tell Therese next year that we can tack on a certain number of events for her but she must pay for this added cost.

Close-out from Pilgrim Firs – surplus of about $6,000 after paying for building a shed. Balance of about $800 still outstanding owed by members. Raised $15,500 for scholarship/instruction. Commission on sales ($12,000) was about $2,400. Spent almost $12,000 this year. Wade asked for a multi-year contract so that the 5% discount would stay in place. Cyra also proposed to set up work-study scholarships at local arts centers for attendance – Pratt, Pilchuk, etc. We told her to go for it. No approval required from the BOD.

Marymoor Park - pedestals likely need to be engineered. Ken has talked to an engineer and Carl and Ken will meet with him in early September to discuss pedestal designs.

• Before members leave they pay their bill or get paid in order to close out the financial aspects of the symposium
• Paint container at Wayne’s – it has been on site for over a year and we need to paint it. Sometime in September.

Motion to adjourn accepted 4:52pm