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NOVEMBER 20, 2009 at SEATTLE CITY LIBRARY (downtown branch)

Meeting opened at 2:10 pm by President Gerda Lattey.

Board members present were Leon White, Lane Tompkins, Elaine Mac Kay, Gerda Lattey and Petra Brambrink.

Board members absent were Bill Brayman and Carole Turner.

Guests attending were Carl Nelson, Bill Gallagher and Ken Barnes.

 Treasurer’s report given by Petra Brambrink

  1. We need to further reduce costs.
  2. No final report yet from Silver Falls.
  3. Lane Tompkins volunteered to assist the director of Silver Falls 2010 in gathering and submitting financial data during the symposium.

Camp B report and discussion with Elaine Mac Kay (Camp B director)

  1. Consensus achieved for simplifying the multiple rates for Camp B. We will have a full rate and only one reduced rate for students, instructors, vendors, etc.
  2. Bookkeeping will be simplified by eliminating many, now unneeded, tracking items requested by past board members.
  3. Board consensus reached on hiring someone for about $8 per hour to help with registration, instead of using Jason.
  4. Since dues reminder mail outs by the NWSSA office typically cost $700 per year, the board consensus was to hire someone at a low rate to do this.
  5. The board asked Elaine to get figures from Camp management on the costs for 5 days as well as the usual 8 days in the event that we decide to have a shorter symposium.

Report on The Quarterly by Lane Tompkins (Quarterly co-editor)

  1. We had 75 members elect to receive their Sculpture NorthWest in digital form on the NWSSA website.
  2. Lane informed the board of his and Penelope Crittenden’s decision to produce a Quarterly that is a place for art subjects rather than a way to inform members of NWSSA’s business details. Their belief is that the website and the membership email are the two best ways to pass-on business news. The board consensus was to agree, but that a loose flyer of business information could possibility be inserted into The Quarterly when appropriate.

 Joomla report by Carl Nelson and Bill Gallagher

The board received a comprehensive demonstration of a possible, new website using Joomla software to do a variety of things, such as browsing old Journals, supplying various links such as tool suppliers and more. Carl and Bill continue their work.

The board reached a consensus that the new website should have a “public” section and a “members only” section.

There was a board consensus to allow Bill and Carl to represent NWSSA with an approach to Pay Pal for a possible use of their software for members’ payments to NWSSA (such as dues and symposiums).

NWSSA Dues discussion

A motion made and seconded to leave dues at $60 for next year failed, 3 to 2.

A motion made and seconded to raise dues on July 1, 2010 to $70 passed, 4 to 1.

A motion made and seconded for a “rolling” membership starting July 1, 2010 passed unanimously.

Art walk at Camp B

The board reached a consensus to raise our commission from 20% to 35%

The board reached a consensus to have Leon White write and submit to the board a show protocol for next year.

The board reached a consensus to have Gerda Lattey develop a paper form for sale information that can be torn in half, with ½ for the buyer and ½ for NWSSA records.

Groundhog Day party

General agreement was reached for having a NWSSA party around February 2nd. More discussion to follow.

The meeting was adjourned by President Gerda Lattey at 6:05 pm

Minutes taken by Secretary Lane Tompkins