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Board of Directors Meeting, minutes – October 10th, 2008

The meeting was held at President Tom Francis' house in Seattle.

Attending: Constance Jones, Petra Brambrink, Lane Tompkins,

Tom Francis, Karl Hufbauer, Rich Andler, Bill Brayman, Leon White, Verena Schwippert. (No Board members were absent.)

Guest: Gerda Lattey

The meeting was called to order at 1: 05 pm.


Minutes of Board meeting on August 26, '08 were approved.


Rich Andler presented two financial schematics with explanations. One was a financial cash flow list. He pointed out that the current profit amount of $ 8000 is misleading, as our association owes $ 7000 to Camp Brotherhood for Symposium 2009 fee at this time.

(I have sent a query to Camp B director Elaine at this time to find out what the precise days/dates for Camp B 2009 will be.)

According to the Financial Cash Flow list our organization has at currently $ 39, 0706.66 - minus $ 7,000 for Camp B - in the bank.

At the beginning of next year a meeting for the entire membership is planned, probably in February '09, for full financial disclosure, amongst other items.

For improving financial revenue the suggestion was made to raise the membership dues, plus perhaps making them payable earlier in the year. The last raise of membership dues occurred 2 or 3 years ago, the amount was $ 10.

For saving cost the possibility was raised to make our hard copy Journal partially available on the website or per e-mail. It would be a choice for the members weather or not they wish to receive a hard copy and possibly save printing costs.

Rich Andler talked about his "Aging Summary". On this list are folks who have not paid their membership dues, a few of them not for several years. Rich has circa 120 people on the list. Some of them might have quit the organization. Rich announced that he will call the people on the list and inquire and remind.

Non-conflict of interest statement:

This Statement has to be formulated anew each year. Karl Hufbauer elected to do the rewording and present a draft at next meeting or via e-mail.

Nominating Committee for Board of Directors:

It was suggested that a note to the entire NWSSA membership could contain the invitation to contact President Tom Francis if anyone would want to be on the nominating committee. According to the rules a non-board member has to chair this committee.

We, the Board should take an active role in helping to choose people for this committee.

It was realized that the Bylaws for NWSSA state this process differently; we should therefore change the Bylaws. Petra B. and Karl H. will work on it and present a draft of the revision to the Board at the next meeting or via e-mail.

Sponsorship and Insurance of Basalt workshop:

Gerda Lattey will be directing a 4 day Basalt workshop in one of our member's family quarry in the spring time. The owner of the quarry has set the condition that the event, taking place on his land, should be insured.

Gerda has asked NWSSA to 'sponsor' the event, which would make it possible for it to be covered by NWSSA insurance [company Rabourne].

The Board discussion raised the importance of keeping financial matters of the event completely separate from NWSSA finances.

This fact, the sponsorship and the extension of our insurance to the Basalt workshop, should be set down in writing.

Gerda L. and Lane T. will deal with the insurance matters and communicate with the insurance company.

In principal all Board members are in favor of sponsoring (and insuring) Gerda L.'s Basalt workshop, providing we have a written statement from the Insurance, a Certificate of Liability and a written statement of the separated financial relationship of NWSSA and Gerda L.'s Basalt workshop.

15 minutes break for Board members.

Board Oversight:

Bill Brayman's report/comments on this subject were tabled.


It was suggested that the Board would be shown a proposed budget of the symposia before each event.

Bill B. suggested a standing committee of experienced Camp Directors for guidance, mentoring and help to the current event directors.

Petra suggested a running communication between Finance Committee and camp Directors, including the presentation of a pre-budget and an approved budget.

The Board decided to talk more about general Board oversight of Symposia and support to Elaine specifically, at our December meeting. Lane T. and Sue Taves will work on the one page list of assistance, schedules, checklist and general support for all the workshops.

Rich Andler presented the idea of a possible new spot to hold a Symposium. This is Crystal Mountain, which is not used in the summer as it is a ski resort. It has a hotel and restaurant and 84 water/electricity hookups in its parking lot.

Rich will check into this possibility a little more. The general consensus was that it might be worth a try, perhaps instead of the Hand carving workshop.


Leon White reports that there is no word yet from Richard Kirsten as to NWSSA using some of his gallery space at the Flower & Garden Show 2009.


Leon suggested offering as a first prize for youth at the Kenmore Art Competition a work-study position at Camp Brotherhood symposium.

Discussion about feasibility of this ensued and will continue.

Information was offered about Seattle City Galleries (non-profits)

inviting artists to show their work. The application for Arts Organizations can be found on the internet.

Petra B. suggested an e-mail survey to all members of NWSSA, to get information for changes and betterments of venues, teachers and preferences from the membership….as well as general likes and dislikes. Constance Jones volunteered to draft this survey.

Karl suggested posting a carefully phrased list of questions regarding our general future to the members.

The consideration that this might be better done via the personal contact of a phone survey was offered.

Development of a questionnaire and a random call list for the Board members shall proceed as discussed.

Petra B. wanted to know if the NWSSA would like to sponsor her Workshop for the Blind in Vancouver, WA.

The Board enthusiastically said YES [another way to reach out to the public]. Petra has the Board's and NWSSA's full support.


Board member Karl Hufbauer plans to reside in Colorado from mid Dec 2008 until Mid June 2009.

Hopefully he will be able to stay in touch by e-mail (perhaps telephone?).

We will miss his presence and invaluable contributions at our meetings very much. …Couldn’t you jet in to a couple of meetings, Karl?


The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 pm.

Next BoD meeting is slated for November 30th, 1 pm at Rich Andler's home.