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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes - July 17th, 2008

The meeting was held at Camp Brotherhood Symposium. It was called to order at 7:36 pm.

Attending: Rich Andler, Bill Brayman, Tom Francis, Karl Hufbauer, Leon White, Lane Tompkins, Verena Schwippert and one guest: Ken Barnes

Absent: Constance Jones, Petra Brambrink

Bill Brayman and Petra Brambrink are newly elected Board members, replacing Arliss Newcomb and Sharon Feeney who completed their terms. Elaine McKay has retired as President and board member. At the beginning of this meeting Lane Tompkins, Vice president, presided as chairman.

Election of Officers:

Verena Schwippert was nominated, seconded and votes for as secretary.

A discussion of definition of President of the Board followed. Pertinent parts of the Bylaws were read and discussed.

In addition, reimbursements for Board members for costs incurred while attending BOD meetings were discussed.

Nominated, seconded and voted for treasurer was Rich Andler.

Nominated, seconded and voted for president was Tom Francis.

Discussion for Vice president position ensued. Definition of general leadership discussion followed. Nominated, seconded and voted for vice president was Lane Tompkins.


Leon White reports about the grateful reception of members' involvement in the distribution of posters for the sculpture exhibit at Camp B.

The Kirsten Gallery exhibit is still on for September. Leon is working with Mr. Kirsten on sharing an exhibition space at the Flower & Garden Show in 2009.

Silver Falls

Silver Falls sculpting retreat is scheduled for August 23 - 28, 2008, and has its own website for information and on-line registration.

Lane Tompkins reported that Tom Urban has said that Stephanie Robison will not be the S.F. event director next year. A search committee to replace her will be established. We will ask Petra Brambrink, David Miller, Stuart Jacobson, Dave Haslett and Dan Michaels to search for or recommend a Silver Falls director for 2009.

Contact Telephone Number for NWSSA

Determination of official e-mail address for NWSSA will continue. President, Tom Francis, offered his personal phone number for general information and contact.

Communication of the BOD members

For e-mail contact between BOD members the following requirements are needed.

  1. Each Board member should have access to - or capability of: e-mail.
  2. Each member's e-mail checking schedule should be communicated with the other BOD members (vacations, absences and such). E-mail messages should be checked frequently by everyone.
  3. A clear policy for reading and answering e-mails should be laid out.

The possibility of conference calls was brought up. Leon White will investigate about a "Bridge" (enabling conference calls) through another non-profit group of his acquaintance.

Our webmaster Bill Brayman offered an e-mail 'list' of and for board members. A discussion explored the inclusion of other working committees and volunteers for NWSSA, or perhaps the general membership on this list.

Reimbursement for incurred expenses

A general discussion about reimbursement and acknowledgement and honoring special givers, donors and volunteers, plus contributors to NWSSA ensued.

Two separate items were on the table; honoring contributions and reimbursement for costs.

The current Board agrees on reimbursement of costs for mileage @ $ .40 per mile for Board members attending Board meetings. (Plus 2 meals and one nights lodging if the meeting is held at any of the retreats) Other volunteer work shall be acknowledged in similar manner. This reimbursement will be paid after the appropriate form is completed and presented to the treasurer.

Exploration of ways to honor contributions to NWSSA will continue.

Next board meeting

The next BOD meeting will be at Silver Falls Sculpting retreat on Wednesday 27th of August, after lunch.

This meeting was adjourned at 10:23 pm.

Verena Schwippert