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General Membership Meeting July 2007

The annual membership meeting was called to order by President Elaine MacKay. Karl Hufbauer and Verena Schwippert were reelected to the Board. Constance Jones and Rich Andler were elected as new Board members. The NWSSA Members thank them and welcome them.

INQUIRY: Elaine began a discussion of what NWSSA members want for their future. She expressed concern that we don't have enough younger members to sustain our memberships as older members leave. Are we happy in our current pattern of 3 symposia, Flower & garden show, and a social gathering in the fall or winter? Or do we want to look at the possibility of acquiring property, a possible place for workshops and shows? Leon White gave the example of an old hardware store in Kent being donated for use by the arts. Through a show of hands, the majority of the membership present is interested in exploring this idea further.

Pertinent comments of note:

  • Steve Taplin asks how does acquiring property or use of a building fit with our Mission Statement?
  • Will having a home base help us maintain membership?
  • Demographics, who is willing to come where and how often?
  • Vic Picou wants the Board to keep the membership informed re possibilities.
  • Likewise, the Board wants members to be vigilant re opportunities for pairing with a non profit; potential of donated land or buildings; being included in estate plans, those wanting to donate to the arts.
  • Reviewing and possible rewriting of our mission statement is indicated.
  • Camp B itself would be difficult to reproduce in most settings, however a co op gallery and a place to hold workshops is a possibility to consider.

Outreach Programs:

Sharon Feeney has organized 4 workshops for the blind with the help of many. Another will be held in Sept. The visit of the residents of the Blind Training Center to Camp B was a success and the participants were very appreciative of going hands on in the sculpture walk provided. Petra Brambrink wants to begin like workshops in the Portland area and will coordinate with Sharon.

Elder Workshop as a part of Camp B appears successful

Meeting was adjourned at 8:05. Respectfully submitted, Sharon Feeney, Secretary