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Minutes of Meeting
Silver Firs State Park, OR,  Date: Aug 28th 2010,  2:05pm
Scheduled NWSSA Board of Directors Meeting
Attendees: Gerda Lattey, Petra Brambrink, Al Mangold, Carl Nelson, Set Friedman
Absent:  Carol Turner (in Russia carving)

 Minutes:  July Camp B  minutes from Lane – Petra moved minutes to be accepted as presented - Petra moved minutes to be accepted as presented by Lane. Second by Carl. Minutes were approved unanimously.

1. Discussion:

 Action: Petra made a motion that NWSSA find a contractor to do the office duties from the task list developed by the board.  The motion was seconded by Seth and passed unanimously. 

 Follow-up Discussion:  it was agreed that:    

  • there would be a single point of contact regarding scope of work to be performed with backup point of contact
  • to control costs, additional work could not be requested of the contractor unless the task list  (scope of work) and compensation was revised and approved by the board.
  • the ideal contractor would be someone from the stone carving community and that the opportunity should first be offered to those on the list-serve and the current membership list.
  • A letter describing work, compensation, and asking for qualifications (resume) to be sent out by September 21st  (see exhibit A – Job duties at end of minutes for what was sent out.)

2. Discussion/Action: Affirmed symposium refund policy needs stated on brochure.

3. Discussion/Action: Gerda delegated Al Mangold as a second signer on checks and Al will follow-up in writing and with Lane Tompkins to get the signature cards updated so Al can sign checks.

4. Discussion/Action: Reviewed and confirmed current board reimbursement policy provided adequate guidance and flexibility.    Further discussion occurred around desire of membership to have board present at symposium and reduce/remove financial barriers to allow it to occur.

5. Discussion:  Seth offered to pursue grant writing opportunities. Of three areas of possibility for grants:  

  • Invest in organization
  • Outreach
  • Art Centric

 His opinion is to pursue "invest in our organization" opportunities first.  He will come back with his suggestions as to what to pursue.

6. Discussion:  Board thanked and recognized Tom Urban for his efforts that have made the Silver Fall symposium a success. 

  Mike Creger and Kim Lewis stepped forward to jointly fill the position of Silver Falls Director vacated by Tom Urban, and the board has accepted them to fill the position.

7. Discussion:  Tom Urban and Rich Hestekind presented concerns about the fairness and use of donations collected for scholarships from symposium auction attendees.

Action: Seth moved that monies collected for specific purposes at auctions be accounted for and be kept track of overtime. Seconded by Carl, passed unanimously. 

Follow-up Discussion:  Board discussed setting scholarship levels in the Silver Falls budget as a fair response to member generosity that has enabled the organization to survive.   

8. Discussion:  about budgeting of Silver Falls symposium occurred, after discussion it was motioned by:  

 Action: Petra and Seconded by Al that by end of December the budget for that year's symposium would be used as the proposed budget for the following year and that by May 1st a follow-up with all final numbers would be completed. Passed unanimously.

9. Discussion:  There is a desire by the board to promote NWSSA in a consistent fashion and to make promotional activities easy by providing the parts for consistent and standardized looking NWSSA literature, brochures, and mailings.

 To further the NWSSA mission to the board wants to increase public awareness through print advertising and media.  Al volunteer to look at printing costs for brochures and post cards.  He found in the current marketplace for full color about $150 for 3500 post cards and $358 for 500 mailed 8x11 tri-fold brochures. Petra and Gerda agree the post card price is consistent with their experience. The board awaits Carol Turners' research on the costs of "print" advertising. It was agreed the Initial work to get process started should be done.

 Action: Carl motioned and Seth seconded that Gerda be authorized to spend up to $700 for creating the parts for consistent looking promotional materials that fulfills the mission of NWSSA.

 Follow-up Discussion:  ways to save time and costs when creating promotional materials:  

  • When creating a brochure think of reuse - use parts created by others.
  • Do the parts in an electronic format that can be shared and is not proprietary.
  • Use the low cost vendors - communicate to those who volunteer -have them ask a board member (Al, Gerda, Petra, or Carol) for NWSSA's experience/best price. 

Next meeting will be end of October.  Date to be established via email conversation.

Meeting adjourned 5:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted

Carl Nelson


  Job duties    

Happy Fall everyone!!
Hello supporters and members of NWSSA,
We are looking at streamlining our systems and are looking to contract someone to do office related duties for NWSSA. The successful applicant should have excellent computer skills, be highly organized,  have clear written and verbal communication abilities, and knowledge of Excel and Word.

 NWSSA will provide a scanner/printer and the successful applicant must have a computer with current programs.
The estimated time requirement is: 4hrs /week average (less in winter, more from June to September)
Approx 15 – 20 hrs /month (to be reviewed every 6 months)
Tasks as listed below:

  • Mail brochures /postcards/journal (Camp B/SF/shows etc)Buy office supplies as needed (incl. cartridge for printer)
  • Check mail weekly, sort through mail, and forward as necessary
  • Deposit checks in bank account; email record to treasurer
  • Scan, email or mail invoices to treasurer
  • Inform treasurer about paid dues and update expiration date on website (for those who do not update online)
  • Mail welcome letter to new members who sign up through mail (currently there are approx 12 mail-only members)
  • Notify treasurer, webmaster and list serve–manager through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Forward any address/email/name changes to treasurer
  • Help maintain approx 200 person membership roster
  • Maintain and update address labels
  • Mail renewal letters /reminders to members 4 weeks prior to due date -to mail only members
  • Mail reminders to members as necessary
  • Follow up phone calls for events and overdue invoices
  • Update "Call to Artists" on website and email out calls to members

Please send cover letter and resume to Gerda at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by October 15th.  The projected start date is December 1/2010 (to be fully implemented by January 1/2011)

  As follow-up to the July board meeting in regards to reducing costs, a discussion of office tasks was held. Petra presented a list of tasks performed by the office.  It was agreed that many of the tasks are office functions that could more efficiently, effectively, and at a lower cost be performed outside of the current arrangement with our bookkeeper.  It was decided the board would draft by 14 th  Sep and final by 21st Sept: refined the list of tasks, turn them into a description of work, and propose an amount per month for the work.