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Minutes of Meeting (and follow-up)

Location: Evergreen State College

Date: Nov 6th 2010


Purpose: Scheduled NWSSA Board of Directors Meeting

Attendees: Gerda Lattey,  Petra Brambrink, Al Mangold, Carl Nelson, Carol Turner

Absent: Seth Friedman

 Minutes:  August 28th Minutes from Silver Falls

1.      Minutes Discussion: – intent, clarity, and completeness of item seven on the minutes (See Exhibit A below).  Gerda asked they be tabled until they can be clarified with Seth and  Rich Hestekind contacted with proposal. An email discussion from Nov 8th, motion and approval (See Exhibit B below) to go forward with replenishing $5008.00 to the Silver Falls auction fund.   Minutes were corrected, sent, and approved on Nov 9th

 2.      Discussion: Interview of contractor for office duties.  The Interview Committee consisted of Ken Barnes (non board member), Gerda, and Carl Nelson.  Of the résumés received four potential candidates were identified.  One withdrew after reconsidering the compensation offered; another had a promotion at their current job and also withdrew.  The two remaining candidates Rene Roberts and Adam Dabrowski were interviewed on Saturday Nov 6th. The interview committee unanimously agreed that Rene Roberts would bring a substantial set of real world experiences to the job, could hit the ground running, and recommended to the board she be offered the contract position.   The interview committee noted to the board that Adam Dabrowski’s contributions as a member of NWSSA are exemplary and encourage him to seek and continue his involvement with NWSSA.

 Action: Al made a motion that NWSSA offer Rene Roberts a contractor position to fulfill a portion of the office tasks, Petra Seconded.  Passed unanimously.

 Follow-up Discussion: Gerda will make offer with start date of Dec 1st 2010 and as discussed Gerda will be the primary contact person.  Petra (Treasurer) will work with office person to establish office accounting procedures.   Carl will be available to tutor/teach about website.  (Renee accepted position  - board notified on Nov 9th)

 3.      Discussion: Potential of office help prompted email and discussion about shifting of accounting as well as office responsibilities.  It was agreed that it should wait until the contract person (Renee) was in place and performing the expected duties.

Later Follow-up discussion - Cleanup and management of on-line membership list.  Wait until Renee has her feet on the ground.

4.      Discussion (Old Business): Printed Materials, Advertising, and LOGO at time of BOD mtg nothing to report, but in subsequent days – email discussion and brainstorming (see Exhibit C email stream)

5.      Discussion (Old Business): Symposium Budgets  - further review - discussed the categorization and allocation of expenses in Symposium Budgets, Money handling, and reimbursement procedures. It was agreed a “Symposium Director Packet” needs created that provides:

  • Guidelines, procedures and protocols so a standard is set and followed.  Main topics are:  money handling, registration, petty cash accounting, and reimbursement. Some topics discussed were:

o   NWSSA collects all monies for an event.

o   Working cash/budget provided from NWSSA to each Symposium Director

o   Receipts needed for expenditures – reimbursements from receipts (no Receipt – NO reimbursement) (Do unaccounted for expenditures come out of Director’s pocket?)

o   Expenditures for differing types of Symposium activities – on field versus instructors, and auctions have to be separately tracked or fairly allocated (for example all alcohol NOT paid for by auction).

o   Payment for Director comes from NWSSA not out of working cash.

o   Special “Auction Items” for “a cause”  need to be kept track of separately (forever).

(Carl volunteered to help pull it together)

  • Petra to propose a standard budget form flexible enough to be usable by both Symposiums.

o   Make visible all expenditures and revenues for a symposium by keeping separate track of revenues (registrations), operating expenses, and especially over time across funds we have set aside (Auction Funds - as per previous board motion). Making certain ‘special funds’ collected at auctions are shown, visible, and only spent on (charged against) the appropriate items (for example - student scholar ships and instructor fees).

o   NWSSA costs to support symposium are charged against Symposium (as makes sense either against income or special funds).

§  PayPal Fees – convenience of on-line registration and payment

§  Insurance allocation – After discussion Board assigned allocation of insurance as follows:

$1,700 of which about 60% (or $1,000) for symposiums

Of this $1,000,

70% ( $700) allocated for Camp B and

30% ($300) for Silver Falls

§  Office costs (bookkeeping/mailing/printing)

  • Budgets for Symposium from previous years cast into above structure.

6.      Discussion/Action (Old Business): Al looked into insurance being adequate, his follow-up is that it was and all agreed to stay with what we have.