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Board of Directors Meeting, July 15, 2015  Camp Brotherhood, Mount Vernon

Present were Carl Nelson, Ken Barnes, Steve Sandry, Ben Mefford, Michael Yeaman, guests: Rich Hestekind and CyraJane Hobson
Absent were Verena Schwippert

1. Election of Officers
President: Carl Nelson
Vice President: Ken Barnes
Treasurer: Michael Yeaman
Secretary: Verena Schwippert

2. Change of ByLaws  
Renee Roberts will confirm the number of votes cast and check what constitutes a majority in order to change bi-laws. 
Renee will update the board member spreadsheet. Board will review if ByLaw change has passed.

3. Election Results: by paper ballot and online voting the results are as follows:
A.  Board members serve a two year commitment, entailing 2-4 meetings a year with your peers to conduct board business. Three of our members are up for reelection to the board and one candidate has agreed to serve:
Our three current members: Verena Schwippert, Pat Barton, Ben Mefford, and new board member Doug Wiltshire have been elected to the board

B.  Vote to amend NWSSA Bylaws: The amendment to our bylaws entails the vote for Change of Term Limitations from three 2-year terms to four 2-year terms for all board members.
The membership has agreed to an amendment change.

4. Sculpture Show Opportunity
Cyra Jane presented the show opportunity in Occidental park, Seattle. Cyra will work up an event budget, part of which may be covered by
the BOD agrees it is a good idea, but we need to confirm the cost for NWSSA.
ALSO, BOD clarified its relation to Cyra Jane as a project-by-project/pay for specific services relationship.

5. Suttle Lake Symposium general discussion and update by Rich Hestikind.

6. Storage Location for association equipment and supplies.
possibly at Wayne Maslin's property Duvall/Monroe. Or at Camp B. Or do we need a more central location?
Agreed Ben Mefford will do a grant application to seek funds to pay for it.
At a future date BOD will make decision about siting and cost of container.

7. Financials:
Policy states that office manager and or the bookkeeper should not have the ability to write NWSSA checks. Treasurer policy reminds us that this is stated clearly . A previously adopted "conflict of interest" confirms this.

8. Educational outreach:
Carl wants more opportunities.
Others want to get accreditation/college credit which would entice students and teachers to symposiums. Carl will investigate specific opportunities.

Meeting Adjourned
Respectfully Submitted for Verena Schippert, temporary recorder, Steve Sandry