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Minutes of Board Meeting from 8-26–2015 held at Stone Sculpting Symposium at Suttle Lake.
Meeting was called to order at 4:08 pm.

Members of the Board present:
Carl Nelson, President; Ken Barnes, Vice President;
Pat Barton; Steve Sandry, Rick Johnson
Guest: Doug Wiltshire, became a board member

Board Matters:
Rick Johnson moves that we expand the board by one person to gain additional OR representation. This person would run for re-election at our next annual election. Pat Barton seconded and all approved. Rick nominated Doug Wiltshire be added to the board immediately for this position. Pat Barton seconded, all approved.

Meeting minutes from last board meeting
Pat Barton motioned to approve the meeting minutes. Steve Sandry seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer's report
Transition to new treasurer Michael Yeaman. CB15 results are not ready yet. Ken will gather the materials and work with Michael to create the CB 15 summary.

Ken has not been counting instructor payments as instructional support, only the subsidy that is a difference between the market charge and what the instructor is paying. Instructor payments are a cost of doing business. Significant discussion about allocation of costs between operating funds and scholarship funds. Symposium director will determine the allocation of instructional costs between operating and scholarship funds.

Suttle Lake 2016
Doug will do the event again next year as director. The event has worked well this year and he thinks there are many interesting avenues to pursue (sculpture walk, involvement of new people). Needs to get the brochure out sooner next year so that Suttle Lake doesn’t get as cannibalized by CB. We need to have a workshop in OR to build pedestals with some excess being left for Suttle Lake sculpture walk. Camp manager is interested in talking with Rick and Pat about installing field power for future years so we don’t have to rent a generator. We have the whole camp next year.

General I
Occidental Park first Thursday in September. We are being paid $400 by the event organizers for expenses.

This meeting was adjourned at 5:10 pm.