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Artist Spotlight

A Quick Look: Lloyd Whannell

A QUICK LOOK AT LLOYD WHANNELL  Sun Catcher, Lloyd Whanell

I call this piece "Sun Catcher." It is 93" tall and is made from a salvaged wiresaw basalt offcut. I shaped the outer edge and added a metal band to create a circle for more definition. To give it a larger scale, I used a length of columnar basalt for the base.

This was one of two pieces chosen for Langley's new outdoor sculpture program, and will be on display on Second Avenue until December 2015.

There is a current call to artists for next year's sculptures. Go to for an application. The deadline for submissions is July 1, 2015.

Alabaster and Light by Marie Sivak

Excerpts from her interview with writer Nikki Grattan published online by San Francisco based In The Make

We visited Marie in her bright and airy Portland studio in an industrial area right near the Willamette RiverOne of Marie’s main preoccupations in her work is the exploration of the complex and elusive world of memory Using a variety of materials besides stone, she creates mixed media pieces that bring both personal and collective memory and meaning to the forefront to provoke a collision of time, emotions, and space.

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Artist Spotlight: Lane Tompkins 2014

Meet Lane Tompkins Again, After 5 Years

Who are you?Lane Tompkins

I am the same Lane Tompkins that was in the Artist Spotlight in the January/February, 2009 issue. That time I answered this question with a short, pre NWSSA bio ending with the fact that I was in the process of moving to Whidbey Island. I made that move and continue to live in Langley and am one of a dozen artists working at the Freeland Art Studios, just up the road from Langley.

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Artist Spotlight: Meet Dale Enochs

MANDALA, 4’ 2” X 34” X 32”, limestone, bronze

Dale Enochs

My name is Dale Enochs, I live in Bloomington Indiana in the heart of Indiana Limestone Country. This area is the source of the stone used in building the Empire State Building, the Federal Triangle and many courthouses throughout the US and elsewhere.

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Artist Spotlight - Patty McPhee

Meet Patty McPhee  Patty McPhee

SNW: Please introduce yourself.
I am Patty McPhee, a Tacoma based artist and poet and a long time member of NWSSA and past Board member.

SNW: What is your life history as it relates to being an artist?
I found my medium fairly late in life. I had always known that I was an artist but it was not till I was forty that I realized that I am a sculptor. My husband gave me my choice of classes at the Kirkland Art Center and the only one that fit my schedule and looked interesting was a life model class taught by Janet Brown. We worked in clay and I fell in love with everything about sculpture.

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Artist Spotlight: Meet Pat Barton

Hi, Pat. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?Pat Barton

I lived and grew up on a dairy farm in South Prairie, Washington, not far from Buckley, or Enumclaw. My mother, sister and I took care of 60 milk cows. My father commuted to and worked in Seattle, he worked on the farm on weekends. We had 140 acres of pastures and timber. I spent many hours exploring the forested areas where I lived. In junior high school I went to the old Wilkeson School, which is made from Wilkeson sandstone. I even visited, with my mother, the sandstone quarry when it was working. The hoists up the hill, the huge gang saw, and the workers in the sheds are things that I still remember.

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