"It is a great privilege to be able to work with, and I suppose work off, my feelings through sculpture." Louise Bourgeois, 1911-2010

Sculpture is a series of 3-dimensional shapes which, while fitting together, cause the perception of lines to the viewer, even where they do not exist. (Edward J. Fraughton)

Within every block of wood and stone, there dwells a spirit, waiting to be released. Direct carving is a way of freeing the spirit - my own and that of the stone or wood. (Hap Hagood)

When you slow down enough to sculpt, you discover all kinds of things you never noticed before. (Karen Jobe)

A piece of sculpture can have a hole through it and not be weakened if the hole is of a studied size, shape, and direction. Henry Moore1898 – 1986

I want to strip my work of 'effects' until it stands monolithic, based on reality and yet transcending it. It must flow naturally from my materials, from the way of the chisel and the way of the block... It is the ultimate ideal. Shiko Munakata 1903 – l975