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Letter from the Editors

Computer Numerical Control. That’s what CNC stands for. CNC also means that artists can now get access to some serious mechanical help for roughing out their artistic designs.

Carl Nelson and Michael Binkley have written an article to explain how, and why, to get started in the world of CNC. Carl will tell us what is involved in acquiring and using a CNC machine. Michael will share some of the reasons he has for using them to increase his workflow.

A different approach is taken by Bob Leverich to produce a public art grouping for a Seattle High School. Instead of computers and strings of code, Bob attacked his raw granite boulders with a drill, feathers, wedges and hammers. And those were some giant boulders!

Speaking of raw stone, our Roving Reporter, Michael Yeaman, will be our guide on a trip through an ol’ time Rock Shop he found while traveling on highway 97 just north of Madras, Oregon. We’ll meet Johnny and Norma, the owners of the Richardson Rock Ranch and see some of the huge piles of stone they have for sale. Oh, and for a fee, they even give visitors access to an outcrop of rock on their property to dig for those mysterious rocks called thundereggs!

The Art of Sculpture lends itself to many approaches. You can use hand tools, you can use mechanical tools; you can rough out shapes with electric tools or air tools, and now, another device in the sculptor’s arsenal, the CNC machine.

Aren’t we lucky carvers?  

Penelope2017Lane Tompkins
Penelope and Lane