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President's Message

President's Message - Sept/Oct 1997



What a wonderful NWSSA symposium season we've had A full schedule of four events and the unique offering of each has been most bountiful. I hope each of you has been inspired and received the materials and tools to actualize your sculptural goals.


Increasingly, opportunities to display our work are occurring. The show at the Bellingham Festival of Music on the Western Washington University campus was enthusiastically received An invitation was given for next year. Camano Island is seeking, through their Chamber of Commerce and the History of the World Part IV Gallery, sculpture for display and sale. A show for the Oregon members is being planned for the state capital. A call for sculpture is being made for a show at the Seattle Convention Center in January, February and March 1998.


The Northwest Flower and Garden Show and our presentation in a display garden and booth will be in February. For the garden, 1 am requesting larger pieces (24" and larger). Please send photos and descriptions for selection to Rich Hestekind, 3500 Talbot Rd S., Renton, WA 98055).


To be more responsive to your needs and desires ~s Association members, we are requesting your suggestions for NWSSA. The current Board and new Board nominees are meeting for a planning retreat in November led by Kay Moquin and Jim Paget. Your input is critical for our future.


The next general membership meeting is Oct. 11 at Manakos Rock Center (Preston/Fall City exit off of 1-90) from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. In addition to a tour of the facility and a workshop on masonry techniques and stone carving, we will discuss your ideas and what our future should look like.


See you there.


President's Message - July/Aug 1997

It's Tuesday, the 22nd of July, and I'm sitting in the tree-surrounded amphitheater at Camp Brotherhood listening to the sounds of our Tenth Annual Symposium. The purposeful whir and scream of grinders and saws blend with the rhythmical cadence of hammer and chisel at this distance from the work field. The auditory composition is complex, yet unified in its relentless pulse.


I feel so charged, even at this point in our event. The excitement of new sculpture emerging, more stone and learning opportunities everywhere clearly reveal another successful symposium.


I wish to thank each of you who attended for what you have contributed I also would like to thank the faculty, the workshop leaders, the lecturers, the administrative team, the work study force, the committee and director for a wonderful event.


This year we are creating a video tape documenting this symposium. The purpose is to describe what we do, how we do it, and who we are in our symposia. The tape will be a valuable means to promote future events, solicit support and to provide a persouaJ recording of a meaningful event.


I ask for your support in this project by pre-purchasing and ordering the tape and/or contributing to its production costs. Most of the financial support for this comes from an outside contribution dedicated to a project such as this. However, more is needed to pay for its completion.


As board members, we seek more interactive support from our membership. Each of you is welcome to attend our board meetings. We ask for input on issues at hand, projects in motion, or new ideas and proposals you might have.


Our next event on the horizon is the third annuaJ Vancouver Island Stone Sculptors Symposium. This extraordinary opportunity at beautiful Lake Cowichen is five days of instruction, stone, camaraderie and exceptiouaJ food A special thanks to Sandra Bilawich and Daniel Cline for all the planning and work they have done to make this available to all of us.


I'll see you there.

Rich Hestekind

President's Message - May 1997

 Greetings! Our spring season has begun with the wonderful success of the Workshop Retreat at Whidbey Island. A special thanks to Lloyd Whannell, Pam Winstanley, and Vic Picou for their planning and leadership. Nicky Oberholtzer and Simone Weber-Luckham were excellent instructors. We must especially thank Bernie Camlin for his good effort and the Island Arts Council for providing scholarships for two attending high school students.


Next, the Silverfalls Symposium promises to be a creative fountain with superb instruction, camaraderie, sharing of ideas, and an inspirational natural setting.


The lOth Annual International Stone Sculptors Symposium will be a celebration of who we are as a community. Don't miss this extraordinary event.


I would like to devote a few comments to an individual, who with clarity of vision, relentless drive, and a dedicated heart provided a contribution to the NWSSA that is immeasurable. Nancy Jordan, as editor and producer of the newsletter, has provided us an inspiring mirror reflecting who we are, what we do, how we do it, and where we are headed. She has set a high standard and enabled a wonderful sense of pride for each of us to reflect on. Nancy, we will miss your inspired leadership. However, thankfully you have shown us how to follow. Thank you so much.


Just when replacement of an awesome task seemed an impossibility, an experienced writer came forward and agreed to take responsibility for the newsletter. Barbara Lynch is the new editor of Sculpture Northwest. I look forward to her tenure. I am sure each of you who have contributed will continue to do so. Any support each of you can provide to the newsletter will be most appreciated.


We have been approached by the Bellingham Festival of Music to provide a display of sculpture during this two week event early in August. The pieces will be presented in an outside plaza in front of the Performance Hall on the Western Washington State University campus. Please send appropriate photos for selection, including size and material description to Tracy Powell, 1272 Reservation Rd., Anacortes, WA 98221. We are especially grateful to Kay Moquin for opening up this opportunity.


Sadly, we all lament the death of our friend, an excellent sculptor, and inspirational teacher, Bruce Hoheb. We will miss him.


See you soon!

Rich Hestekind