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President's Message

President's Message - March/Apr 1996

After what seemed like a long winter, it is rejnvenative to finally experience the exuberance of spring.


This year we have an abundance of opportunity to expand our abilities, our ideas, our materials and tools, and our circle of friends. Beginning with the Chinook workshop retreat, followed by the Silver Falls, Oregon Symposium, the Camp Brotherhood Symposium, and the Vancouver Island Symposium, our calendar is full.


The Sculptors' Cooperative is gaining momentum, in both it's structural and administrative development. I would encourage those of you who would like to help in its growth to consider becoming a hoard member Of joining one of the support committees. I would like to thank Ivan and Boris for their tireless and dedicated efforts in handling the ongoing business of the cooperative to date.


I also would like to express my appreciation to each of you who participated in our presentation at the 1996 Flower and Garden Show at the Seattle Convention Center. Our displays were enthusiastically received by the attending public and the professional design community.


Keep in touch!

Richard Hestekind

President's Message - Jan/Feb 1996

I wish for a happy and prosperous New Year for each of you, and it is my hope that we, as a community, experience abundance and opportunity with no limit.


As we begin this year, I would like to share a few reflections and thoughts that have surfaced. First, I would like to acknowledge the tireless and brilliant leadership that Vic Picou has provided, as President of the Northwest Stone Sculptors Association. We are at this level of success largely due to his dedication. Thankfully he continues on as a board member and administrator of our symposia. Thank you so much Victor!


Our membership has grown to such a number and our territory so broad that effective communication with each other is challenging at best. Our organization is inclusive of all the Northwest and Canada. Although the greatest concentratio.n is in the Puget Sound area, we need to address the interests of all our membership. I would ask each of you to give some thought as to how to more effectively open dialog with each other, as well as the membership at large. Please send thoughts to the NWSSA address.


I'm excited and encouraged by the momentwn and growth in membership and activity in the Portland area. Thanks so much to Thomas Miller for his dedicated efforts.


I'm especially thankful for the board members I have had the priviledge to serve with this term. I'm looking forward to the leadership and support they provide.


I also am grateful for the effective professional administrative support that R.B. Secretarial Service is providing.


Keep in touch! Thanks,

Richard Hestekind