What To Bring To Camp Pilgrim Firs Conference and Retreat Center


  • A canopy for shade or rain.
  • Tools, if you have them.
  • Respirator, safety glasses, earplugs or ear muffs, sun screen, bug repellent.
  • Ground tarp to protect the grass and ease pick-up of stone chips.
  • Stool, chair, work table, sandbags.
  • Bucket & broom to sweep up chips
  • 50 ft. Electric cord, 12-3, (more if you have them)
  • Air line 50 feet, 3/8 inch with 1/4” type nipple, a water trap if you use an air hammer.
  • If you use water to carve, bring a 50 foot hose with a Y connector and a shut off.
  • Note: We cannot accommodate tools from Europe that are not adapted to US

New posturepedic mattresses, bedding and extra blankets are provided in Lodges and Cabins.
There will be a mid-week towel exchange at the Main Lodge.
Bring your own toiletries, toothbrush/paste, shampoo, etc.
Sunscreen & bug spray.
Bring your swim suit and towel—Lake Flora has a swim dock and kayaks are available.
Appropriate footwear and clothing for rain or shine as the NW weather is very variable.
You are at Camp - bring a flashlight or teddy bear if need be.
Lake Flora


Fishing gear - Lake Flora is stocked with fish!
We’re right on Lake Flora: Bring your swimsuit, pool floaties, remote control boats, squirt guns, etc.
A camera - we may ask you for pictures for next years’ brochures.
Bring your memories and photos of the past 30 years at “Stone Camp”
Bring drums, guitars or anything fun and musical for around the campfire.
Bring GOOD dance music or a disco ball for the party.
Bring items to donate to the auction.
Bring items for a tool swap meet.

Bring up to 3 pieces of sculpture to show at the Art Walk on Saturday, as well as pedestals if you have them. (There are a limited few for use). There will be a 20% donation asked of you if you sell a sculpture as well as the WA state sales tax.
If you have a sculpture you would like to donate to the scholarship auction, you will receive 30% of the sale.

If you have special dietary considerations, you need to be responsible for them yourself. The Camp will do their best, however, they are cooking for large numbers and cannot fill all special needs. There are kitchenettes in the Lodge and a few of the cabins to store & prepare meals.


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