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Suttle Lake

REGISTER: 2019 Suttle Lake International Stone Carving Symposium

25th Annual International Stone Carving Symposium • Camp Suttle Lake • Sisters, Oregon • August 11th - 18th, 2019

Members, Register On-Line by August 1st receive $100 Discount off full time rate at check-out.
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The NWSSA continues our tradition of bringing together world-class sculpting masters for unique opportunities to provide instruction and discuss where we are today. From classical hand tools to new high-tech machining tools and techniques, our instructors provide knowledge and inspiration for all attendees. MJ and Samia work on our Monumental Group Project

About the Symposium and Suttle Lake Facilities

The Northwest Stone Sculptors Association is excited to hold our annual Oregon State Stone Carving Symposium at Suttle Lake Camp! This is the 5th year we are returning to this venue, and it has become ‘home’.
The symposium is open to all levels from beginners who have never carved stone before to the experienced sculptor. Make new friends, renew old friendships and fire up the creative spirit in a rich, supportive environment.
Suttle Lake Camp is nestled on the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains 14 miles west of Sisters, Suttle Lake Camp is a special place where the vivid green of Western Oregon mingles with the sunny beauty of the eastern part of the state.

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Suttle Lake HH Agreement

Assumption of Risk and Liability

As a participant in the Northwest Stone Sculptor Association’s Symposium retreat at Suttle Lake Camp near Sisters, OR from August 10-18th, 2019. I hereby acknowledge, affirm and represent as follows:

1: I understand and acknowledge that the retreat will take place both in and out-of-doors. I am aware of the risks associated with activities that take place out of doors, including but not limited to the hazards of traveling in unfamiliar terrain, exposure to sun, rain, wind, unexpected temperature changes and other forces of nature; exposure to poisonous plants and vegetation, wild animals and insects, and accidents or illness in remote places without medical facilities. I am aware of basic safety rules for out of door activities. I will obey and follow any further safety information, instruction or rules offered at the retreat.

2: I understand and acknowledge that the retreat will primarily involve instruction and demonstration in stone and wood handling, cutting and sculpting. I am aware of the inherent risks associated with these activities, including but not limited to respiratory and musculoskeletal hazards. I am aware of the inherent risks of handling hand and power tools. I will obey and follow any further safety information, instruction or rules offered at the retreat.

3: I represent and affirm that I am in good health and am physically fit and full capable to participate in the retreat. I have no allergies, heart problems, epilepsy, physical or mental disabilities or any other medical condition that would place me or the other participants in the retreat at risk of harm or injury.

4: I understand I am responsible for my own safety and or happiness that no one associated with the retreat shall serve as the guardian of my safety and or happiness. I also understand that I am to furnish any equipment or tools I use at the retreat and that I am solely responsible for ensuring such equipment or tools are in safe and good operating condition.

5: In consideration of an as part payment for the right to participate in the retreat and any activities that take place in association with the retreat, I hereby assume full liability for all risks associated with my participation in the retreat and expressly release and hold harmless the Northwest Stone Sculptors Association and Suttle Lake Camp, their owners, operators, agents and instructors from any and all liability, action, causes of action, debts, claims and demands of every kind and nature whatsoever which may arise out of or in connection with my participation in the retreat, including but not limited to any occurrence which may result in injury, death or other damages to me or my person. I understand that the terms of this assumption of risk of liability shall also serve as an assumption of risk and release of liability for all members of my family (including minors accompanying me), my heirs and assigns.

6:  I consent to allow NWSSA to use images of myself and/or my art in order to document this event or to promote this and other NWSSA events.

                                                                                                                Initials for     Yes ___________       No____________

7: I represent and affirm that I am over 18 years of age and that I am legally competent to sign this release of liability. I further represent and affirm that I have singed this release as my own free act.



Date: ____________  Printed Name: ______________________________________________

Signed: ______________________________________________________________________

What to Bring to Suttle Lake Camp

What To Bring To Suttle Lake Camp & Conference Center

  • Please remember to label your items! We want to make sure mislaid items get back to their proper owners!
  • A canopy for shade or rain.
  • Tools, if you have them.
  • Respirator, safety glasses, earplugs or ear muffs, sun screen, bug repellent.
  • Ground tarp to protect the grass and ease pick-up of stone chips.
  • Stool, chair, work table, sandbags.
  • Bucket & broom to sweep up chips
If you use air, power or water, please bring:
  • Power: 50 ft. Electric cord,  a 10-25' cord, all 12/3, and an electrical splitter
  • Air:  3/8"  50 ft air hose, a shorter air hose, and an air hose splitter
  • Water: 50 ft hose, a shorter hose and a water hose splitter preferably with a Y connector and a shut off.
  • Having these items will make it easier for the people running the field and will also be useful in your own studio.
  • Note: We cannot accommodate tools from Europe that are not adapted to US


Please leave your dog at home. We love them, but they are not allowed at camp.
Camp style bunk bed and mattresses are provided in Lodges and Cabins. Please bring sleeping bags, blankets and pillows for your comfort.

Please bring your own towels and washcloths.
Bring your own toiletries, toothbrush/paste, soap, shampoo, etc.
Sunscreen & bug spray.
Bring your swim suit and towel—Suttle Lake has a swim dock and canoes are available.
Appropriate footwear and clothing for rain or shine as the NW weather is very variable.
You are at Camp - bring a flashlight or teddy bear if need be.


Suttle Lake is just a short hike away! Bring your swimsuit!
A camera - we may ask you for pictures for next years’ brochures.
Bring your memories and photos of the past years at “Stone Camp”
Bring drums, guitars or anything fun and musical for around the campfire.
Bring GOOD dance music or a disco ball for the party.
Bring items to donate to the auction.
Bring items for a tool swap meet.

Bring up to 3 pieces of sculpture to show at the Art Walk on Saturday, as well as pedestals if you have them. (There are a limited few for use). There will be a 20% donation asked of you if you sell a sculpture.
If you have a sculpture you would like to donate to the scholarship auction, you will receive 30% of the sale.

If you have special dietary considerations, you need to be responsible for them yourself. The Camp will do their best, however, they are cooking for large numbers and cannot fill all special needs. There are kitchenettes in the Lodge and a few of the cabins to store & prepare meals.


Click here to download the list

2019 Camp Suttle Lake Symposium - Save the Date

25th Annual International Stone Carving Symposium - Oregon State
August 11-18th, 2019
Camp Suttle Lake in Sisters, OR

Set on scenic Suttle Lake, Camp Sisters offers a week of carving and communing in the high desert of Central Oregon with guests: Bend, OR artist Lawrence Stoller, figurative sculptor Sabah Al-Dhaher and Uchida Kazutaka of Japan. Beginning to master sculptors welcome!
Please check back for additional announcements and registration information.

Good Times at Suttle Lake 2018

Carving a Buddha: Mitsuo Saikai carving a Buddha in Texas limestoneAs the harvest time of year is upon us, I would like to take a moment to reflect on another fantastic year at Suttle Lake. There are many new developments we learned in methods, and mediums. Also, inroads to personal growth, and reconnecting with what may now be, lifelong friends. These are some of the things I have heard and experienced this year at Suttle Lake. For this I am grateful to all of you that join together to make this happen.
Community Stone: Samia Imonen and MJ Anderson carving on the community stone
The week began with the presentation of the collective stone-carving project for Suttle Lake camp. Many thanks are in order to Mark Andrew for his hard efforts and patience bringing us together as a collective in this endeavor. As seen here, all walks of attendees are encouraged to participate (Samia Imonen and MJ Anderson). This project will continue each year until completed, and all are encouraged to spend time with this magnificent piece of marble.

The teachings of our newest friend Joseph Kincannon gave us a unique perspective towards the  Jesse Eaton and Joseph Kincannon methods used in the making of the cathedrals of old Europe. His slide show was mesmerizing and informative. Jesse his apprentice from years past also accompanied Joseph and folks enjoyed their energy towards the craft. Hopefully Joseph and/or Jesse will be joining us next year as well.
Mitsuo Saikai joined us again this year as an instructor with traditional Japanese carving methods at lightning speed. He also demonstrated using Japanese tools that are now available thru Kentaro Kojima, which can be a fantastic addition to any toolbox. Kentaro purchases these tools directly from the source in Japan and would be otherwise very difficult to obtain.
Uchida sensei was honored with a lifetime achievement award and Lee Imonen graciously accepted the Hammer Award without trying to escape just before receiving it. 
Hand with blister
We had a record number in our beginner’s tent this year with 8 new people. Our instructor Stephanie Robinson is great at exciting new people to work and achieving well beyond their own personal expectations. Not unlike Tom Sawyer, but for the sake of making art.

Deborah Wilson once again shared her expertise of jade carving with the assistance of our brother Steve Sandry for another exceptional program.
Kentaro and Carl
 Moving of the community stone with Mark Andrew
Seattle Solstice returned after 5 years and amazed the crowd once again with new technologies and an update on the progress of the 10,000 year clock.

Lisa Ponder and Rich Hestekind gave a very informative discussion on memorial work within the trade from a personal perspective to a larger commercial one, both very vital areas to consider within the stone carving community.

I remain committed to carving time for the attendees during the week and this year it showed. I added an additional ten display pedestals to our show, and we used every one of them this year. Our Stone Walk was a resounding success! We sold five pieces this year. It was the best public turnout yet, and I believe it is because we are no longer competing with the High Desert Show in Bend, which is their biggest event of the year, and is now the week after ours.

We received press in Bend and Sisters over and above what we solicited. We also are on the radar for a possible art project for the city of Sisters, Oregon. Next year’s Stone Walk should prove to be even better for all of you that participate.
Joseph Kincannon presentation
The Suttle Lake symposium raised funds for shore power at our annual auction, and now it is going to be a reality. I was just informed by the camp that they are hooking up power within the budget we raised for the camp and we will no longer need to rent and feed a generator for our symposium. NWSSA should see a direct savings after next year’s symposium, which also means our rates for our attendee’s, will remain affordable.
Finally, I would like to thank our support staff, Renee Roberts, Rich Hestekind, Dan Michael, and everyone I have not mentioned for your continued hard work. I would also like to thank our Board for their time and expertise. Without them, this community of “weirdos” would not be possible. And I want to thank each of you. Connected by the creative spirit, we support one another in this endeavor unlike any other. It is our love of this art form and each other where we are at our best.
2018 NWSSA Suttle Lake Group shotUntil then, keep the chips flying and your area dusty

Doug Wiltshire