Attendees enjoyed and learned a lot from this year's mix of hands-on carving, demos, and lectures.



Lee Imonen brought steel and a forge. He gave a hands on demonstration of how to make your own chisels for carving soft stone, gave everyone who wanted to, the opportunity to make their own chisels.

Lisa with her hand made tools in hand. 



ChieselsAndPneumatics-MattPointingToolDemo-MattMatt Auvinen's experience as a teacher and years of working as an artisan provided everyone with both the details of efficient carving techniques and a broad overview of where they fit into the history of  carving. His presentation on chisels and history on tools used in marble carving (especially the violina) was very good.

He also covered and demonstrated pointing and enlargement techniques. Getting pointing right is the prelude to accurate enlargement. The use of these techniques (and his love of them) in his art is very obvious.


Tracy Powell Beginning Class

Tracy Powell welcomed several beginning stone carvers. Introducing them to the various types of hand chisels and by the end of the week to power tools and pneumatics.




The evening presentations gave attendees the chance to see the variations in style, approach, and inspiration of the work of Uchida, Matt, Tracy, Ken, and Stewart. They were great sources of information and paring to learn from.