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Call for Artists

2022 New Beginnings Art Show, Stanwood

Calling all artists... You are cordially invited to submit your best art to the 2022 New Beginnings juried show at the Guilded Gallery in downtown Stanwood.
This show will be on display in the newly renovated Gallery.
Show the world what you have created... enter today.

Click here for Prospectus:
Application through,
Deadline June 19th.

Sammamish Outdoor Art Piece “Celebrating Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion”

The Sammamish Arts Commission in cooperation with the Sammamish City Council is seeking artists, who will design and create an art piece for one of Sammamish Community Parks. The Commission is approaching the theme “Celebrating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” where Diversity means a mix of different identities and cultures, Equity to acknowledge that we do not always start on a level playing field, and Inclusion to acknowledge individual voices and power. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a priority to the city.

City of Sammamish’s Proclamation Reaffirming Principles and Values of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As your city government, our role is to bring people together and not divide them. Our job is to be welcoming of all people and all ideas in recognition that we truly are stronger and smarter together. We need to recognize certain essential principles and conduct our government and hopefully our lives consistent with those principles.

From the City’s DEI page:

Commission hopes the artwork feels welcoming and inclusive for different identities and cultures to enjoy and experience the artwork in their own way. The goal is to offer a vision of how DEI can evolve and provide a better, more equitable, and inclusive future.

  • Deadline: June 28, 2022 5:00 pm
  • Budget: $50,000
  • Eligibility: This call is open to established practicing artists residing in Washington State and have experience in medium scale public art installation. Local Washington State artists with sculpture abilities, but without medium scale public art installation experience, are still encouraged to apply. Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) artists are strongly encouraged to apply.

More Information:

Something New V – Public Art Bainbridge Island

A dynamic public art experience as well as an ongoing opportunity for sculptors to exhibit their work. The exhibit places sculptures in five outdoor locations in downtown Winslow on beautiful Bainbridge Island. The five locations include the pedestal in front of T & C on Winslow Way and Erickson, the pedestal at the south end of Madison Ave, S. (in the Doc’s plaza), the pedestal at the entry door of Bainbridge Island City Hall building, one is Waterfront Park, and one west of the Senior Center near Waterfront Park. AHB Logo

Selected works remain on display for approximately 11 months after which they are removed to make room for the next collection, offering Bainbridge Islanders and visitors “something new” every year. 

In addition to the five new pieces to be temporarily exhibited as part of the Something New exhibit, Bainbridge Island has a Public Art Collection consisting of 24 works, the majority of which are also located in downtown Winslow. 

The City’s Public Art Program is supported by volunteer members of the Public Art Committee (PAC), a sub-committee of Arts & Humanities Bainbridge (AHB). For more information, please visit and​

Organization Name: Arts & Humanities Bainbridge

Organization Location: 221 Winslow Way W #201, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Fee: Free

Regional Parks & Trails Public Art Plan

4Culture An artist, curator or artist team will work with 4Culture and King County Parks to develop an art plan for King County Parks’ extensive network of parks, regional and backcountry trails, and open spaces in collaboration with the unique communities they connect to throughout King County, WA.

As the Puget Sound region in Washington continues to develop, public lands, including the network of parks, trails, and open spaces stewarded by King County Parks (KC Parks), become an even more important asset to the public. The impacts of Covid-19 on society have highlighted the outdoors as a safe place to interact with people, as well as create positive impacts on mental health and wellbeing. During the pandemic we have looked to these spaces to gather, work, play, exercise, and explore. KC Parks continues to expand its network of recreational spaces into denser urban areas, rural land, and the backcountry to provide ample opportunities for outdoor access.

4Culture and KC Parks seek a planning artist, curator, or artist team to develop a dynamic arts plan which holistically considers the future development of KC Parks network of parks, trails and open spaces, and authentically engage with the unique communities that these valuable public spaces reach.

  • Budget: $75,000 [inclusive of artist fee and applicable taxes].
    The artist, curator, or artist team will receive $32,000 for the initial phase of the project which includes research and immersion in the parks and trails systems. An additional $21,500 will be allocated for programming and community engagement. The artist/curator/team will receive $21,500 for art plan development, design, and completion of the plan.Funds of up to $5,300 are available for travel based on selected artist or curator’s location.*amount to be based on current GSA Per Diem rates
  • Project timeline: July/August 2022—August 2023
  • Eligibilityopen to artists and curators, working independently or as a team, who reside in the United States or British Columbia and have preliminary planning experience in arts-related work with a focus on equity and social justice. Candidates with preliminary planning experience are strongly encouraged to apply as a team as we support the growth and development of emerging artists and curators. Artist teams of no more than two people are eligible if the team is able to show evidence of past collaborative work. Mentorship is available for individuals and teams who feel they would benefit from guidance, dialogue, and support from a seasoned planning artist. There is an expectation that an agreed percentage of residency time will be in King County, WA with the remaining residency work to be conducted remotely.
  • Application: submission of an online application is required for this opportunity.
  • Deadline: Tuesday, May 31, 2022 by 4:00 pm PDT.
    Please allow ample time to complete and upload your application; applications will not be accepted after the 4:00 pm deadline.

Rolling Pin Challenge

"Rolling Pin Challenge" Call for Art
Show Opening June 4th, 2022 at the Old Alcohol Inn, Port Hadlock, WA

So far, we have 44 responding members who are creating and enjoying this challenge!  If inclined, you may submit others. If you are not finished by the shipping deadline, please send when finished as this is to be a Traveling Exhibit and we can add works to it. Works are NOT FOR SALE at this time since we need them for this exhibit. 

1. Please send via email a good photo of your piece with a plain background for promotional purposes with the "Title".

2. If you have a sketch and details to work out your project (s), consider including one or a photo copy. I plan to mount them to show with your sculpture so the public can see how we came about carving our ideas. (Attached example is an image for my Alligator)  IMG 3623 Rolling Pin Alligator Design

3. Please put your works in a good reusable box with a photo of your piece inside to make it easier to find the correct box for repacking. (include any display-reassembled specific instructions if needed).

4. Please have you Sculptures arrive at my address by Friday May 28, 2022 or anytime before. Leon White 13701 Burke Ave. N. Seattle, WA. 98133. Phone 206-390-3145.

5. I will send promotional and exhibit materials to you so you can see When, Where the exhibit is and for your personal use and resume's.


Price Sculpture Forest Call For Art

There are many opportunities to show your art at Price Sculpture Forest. We encourage your participation. The park will provide you with excellent public exposure in a beautiful setting. We offer early phase participants 100% of your sales proceeds with no commission, to encourage inclusion of your best work and to support you as an artist. Check out the opportunities and submission guidelines below.

Click Here for full prospectus

The Sculpture Forest initially has two specific themes and some other guidelines which perform best in our jurying process. Future rotating shows will be more open ended. Each of the two overarching sculptural themes has its own devoted walking trail loop.

Representation of beauty in forms of natural elements, animals, plants, ecosystems, and human interaction with the non‐civilized world. Preference is for uplifting, positive messages and experiences (or neutral ones), though we will occasionally consider works that poetically evoke the dangers and implications of environmental degradation. Sculptures should be at home in a native forest setting.

Bring on the fun! This section of the park is devoted to releasing a sense of discovery. What will appear around the next turn of the trail? Will it make the grandparents laugh? Will it make the kids say “that’s really cool”? Is it unusual or beguiling in a relatable way? Is it fantastical or well outside the norm? These are all worthy ideas for Whimsy Way.

There is a general preference for stone, some natural looking metals, and bio‐natural materials (wood, shells, antlers, etc.) in Nature Nurtured. In Whimsy Way, all materials, colors, and approaches are open ended. Sculptures should be sturdy to handle potentially appreciative hands and to hold up well in an outdoor year-round environment.

Read more ...

Public Art Archive

This is a call for the inclusion of public art collections in the Public Art Archive, an online database of public art. To be considered for inclusion, you must be a professional artist who has completed and installed public artwork, or an administrator of an established public art program. There is no charge to submit entries to the Public Art Archive. Public art is defined here as art that is situated in a location that is accessible or viewable by the general public and was, in most cases, commissioned by a public art entity, typically using percent-for-art or public funding. Gallery art and art exhibited inside galleries and museums is not eligible. Works of art that were commissioned and/or gifted by corporations, museums, educational institutions, private parties, and other entities may also be eligible. Permanently cited, temporary, new media, performative, rotating, and portable works may be eligible if they meet the commonly known definition of public art or civic art.

The Public Art Archive™ (PAA™), like™ (CaFE™), is powered by the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF). The Western States Arts Federation is a nonprofit regional arts service organization dedicated to the development of an expanded awareness of the power of the arts. Much of the organization’s work is accomplished through the development of technologies that benefit the arts and the arts community. WESTAF created the PAA™, which launched in 2009 with the collections of a few pilot public art agencies. We are pleased to invite artists and collection managers to include their artworks on this premier database for public art.

Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NWSSA Artist Call: Old Alcohol Plant Inn

Call to NWSSA member artists for sculpture submissions to be installed at
310 Hadlock Bay Rd. 
Port Hadlock, WA. 98339 


The owners of the Inn have created an opportunity for an on-going display of sculpture. 

Sculptures not to exceed 100 lbs for ease of installation. Pedestals are supplied by the Inn.

In the main lobby near the Spirits Bar & Grill Restaurant, there is space for at least a dozen sculpture pieces on pedestals. There are 4 four-shelf glass showcases for smaller works in the gift shop area.

Sales commission is 40% which supports the Old Alcohol Plant Inn's mission to provide lodging for community members in need, create jobs to enhance our economy, and provide a beautiful waterfront location for events and classes.

To Apply online [Click HERE] otherwise download the application form, fill it in and email 2 pictures of each piece with size and dimensions.

Read more ...

Groundswell: City of Shoreline Public Art Program

Call for Temporary Environmental Artwork

As a means of fostering new interpretations of art and nature in urban spaces, the City of Shoreline Public Art Program seeks temporary artworks for display in parks (along trails, glades, meadows, and reclaimed gravel pits), especially Brugger’s Bog and Southwoods,to encourage audiences to visit these resources as well as to exercise and spend time in comparative silence. Walking, way-finding, and searching for the “hidden” artwork is a primary component of the project. Proposals will be juried by a selection panel consisting of an artist, art professional and/or collector, professional handler / engineer, additional community resident(s) and City staff. The City will promote the artwork on its website and newsletters, producing a map to encourage exploration of the area. For time and materials, selected artists are offered honoraria of $500 - $1,500 (depending on scope of project) following installation.

Although there is no deadline, the submission pool is reviewed quarterly (approximate dates: March 24, June 23, Sept. 22, Dec. 1). Artists should submit materials 2 weeks before these dates for full consideration.

For More Information, please visit City of Shoreline

Call for Artists

We always try to post current public art projects, artist fellowships, juried visual art competitions and exhibition opportunities that might appeal to our members. If you would like to make sure that a Call for Artists opportunity appears on our website, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following are links to helpful sites with information, resources more calls for artists in all disciplines:

  Here is a link to the Artist Trust site:

Here is a link to CaFE site which serves as an aggregator for artist calls:  

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Here is a link to the Regional Arts & Culture Council: