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Greetings Fellow Stone Carvers!  

Have you thought about displaying your sculpture in front of thousands of people?  Here is your chance! You can participate in the NWSSA’S Booth at the Washington Convention Center.


Hours 9am - 8pm, except Sunday 9am - 6pm

We are currently accepting pieces for the show.  Beginner sculpture is encouraged. Please use the following google form (having a gmail account is not required) the form will request you to include the material used in the sculpture, the name of your piece, your contact information, attach a picture, and a price. Be aware that If your piece has shown in this show more than once we will not accept it. 

Because this show is located in Downtown Seattle, requiring parking fees we are not charging the usual 30% commission. 

*We highly recommend in the description on the form to write a little about each piece. It can be about your artistic thoughts when making it, what you wanted to pass on to the viewer, about the stone and its geology,  or what it represents. Just something to engage the viewer with the artist and the work when other people working a shift can help share about your piece.

Garden Show Application

Thanks, Aerin Sizelove

*If you have any issues with the google form or have questions, reach out or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..