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Minutes of NWSSA Board Meeting 08-08-2020

Northwest Stone Sculptors Association (NWSSA)

NWSSA BOD meeting 8/8/20
BOD meeting Called to Order following General Membership Meeting 8/8/2020

Ken Barnes, Constance Jones, Rick Johnson, Steve Taplin, Ben Mefford, Trever Contreras, Denny Tsang, Eirene Blomberg, Doug Wiltshire and Julianne Kohn
Also present: Cyra Jane, Renee Roberts

Agenda Items Discussed:

1-Change of Board Positions

President: Ken Barnes vacating position,
Ben Mefford Nominated by Rick Johnson/ Steve Taplin seconded
Unanimously passed

Vice President:
Vacated Position: Ben Mefford
Denny Tsang nominated by Ben Mefford
Unanimously passed

Kirsten Rayhawk Vacated position
Trevor Contreras was nominated by Julianne Kohn
Unanimously passed

Ellie Hochman
Unanimously passed

Board members leaving:
Constance Jones
Michael Yeaman
Ken Barnes
Kirsten Rayhawk (Anyone else?)

New Board of directors members voted in were :
Eirene Blomberg
Denny Tsang
Trevor Contreras
Steve Taplin

Returning Board members:
Doug Wiltshire

2- Discussion of outreach to minority communities:

Rick Johnson will reach out to his connections on the art commission
Board agreed to pursue this as a goal.
Will also follow up with name change Pilgrim Firs to a more culturally sensitive name.
Proposed name change to Salish Symposium. Further research to be done on if this is in fact culturally sensitive or could be seen as a colonization of the name.

3- On line Auction:

Discussed fund raising.
All agreed to put this discussion off till our next meeting in October.
Possible plan to do a fund raiser in January.

4- Communications issues with emails.

Ben suggested a board position of “communications person”.
Denny offered to help explore issues and talk with Carl and Ken.
Face book
Website directing everyone to one source
Ben to talk to Cyra about what Plush platform has to offer.
NWSSA to consider getting a new platform to keep members better informed about upcoming events etc
Agreed to continue the Plush platform and keep Forum open for the next month and see if people use it. If it is used then it will be continued.


Recorded and Submitted: 8/19/20
Ellie Hochman- Secretary

Minutes of NWSSA Board Meeting 08-16-2019

Northwest Stone Sculptors Association (NWSSA)

Board meeting minutes: Fri Aug 16 2019 at Camp Suttle Lake

Minutes submitted by acting secretary Kirsten Rayhawk
Attending: Ken Barnes (Pres), Kirsten Rayhawk (Treas), Ben Mefford, Rick Johnson, Julieanne Kohn, Steve Sandry; arriving late: Doug Wiltshire (12:42)
Guests: Aaron Sylvester, Pat Barton, Carl Nelson

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Minutes of NWSSA Board Meeting 07-10-2019

Meeting Called to Order at 8:30pm

Election of Executive Board

The first order of business was the election of executive officers, which proceeded following the vacating of each position, motions being made and seconded to nominate and elect:

    • President - Ken Barnes
    • Vice President - Ben Mefford
    • Treasurer - Kirsten Rayhawk
    • Secretary - Ellie Hochman

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Minutes of NWSSA Board Meeting 07-11-2018

Minutes of the July 11, 2018
General Meeting And Executive Board Meeting of the Northwest Stone Sculptors Association
at Camp Pilgrim Firs, Port Orchard Washington

General Meeting (7:30pm)

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Minutes of NWSSA Board eMail Meeting 2-24-2018

 eMail Discussions and Vote for Treasurer Transition as per previous discussions
 Adopted via email motion, discussion, and vote to have Ben Mefford take over for Michael Yeaman

Ken Barnes Proposed motion to accept Michael Yeaman's resignation and appoint Ben Mefford treasurer, Michael Yeaman Seconded, Ben Mefford affirmed he would serve.
Voting YEA:  Pat Barton, Patty McPhee, Ken Barnes, Michael Yeaman, Ben Mefford, Carl Nelson, Steve Galea, Steve Sandry, Doug Wilstshire 

Adopted via email motion and unanimous consent to these minutes,  the July 12th Pilgrim Firs and August 23rd Suttle Lake minutes as posted on the nwssa.or website.


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Minutes of NWSSA Board Meeting 8-23-17

 BOD meeting 8-23-17 3:40pm 
 BOD Members Present:
Carl Nelson
Patty McPhee
Ken Barnes
Ben Mefford
Pat Barton
General members present:
Renee Roberts
Cyra Jane Hobson
Kirsten Rayhawk

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Minutes of NWSSA Board Meeting 7-12-17

 BOD meeting 7-12-17 
 BOD Members Present:
Carl Nelson
Steve Sandry
Michael Yeaman
Patty McPhee – New member
Ken Barnes
Ben Mefford
Pat Barton
Rick Johnson
Steve Galea – New member
General members present:
Renee Roberts
Cyra Jane Hobson
Mikky Barnett
Vic Picou

Non-member present:
Ed Brooks (President, California Sculptors Association)

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Minutes of NWSSA Board Meeting 06-03-17

6/3/17 Board of Directors meeting, Rick Johnson’s house
Present: Carl Nelson, Pat Barton, Ken Barnes, Steve Sandry, Michael Yeaman, Cyra Rick Johnson
On phone/Skype: Ben Mefford, Doug Wiltshire Non-BOD Kirsten Rayhawk,
Non-BOD members present: Arliss Newcomb, Jane Hobson, Renee Roberts,

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Minutes of NWSSA Board Meeting 8-24-2016

Minutes of NWSSA Board Meeting on Wednesday August 24, 2016 at the Suttle Lake Symposium

Carl Nelson – President
Ken Barnes – Vice President
Ben Mefford – Secretary
Pat Barton
Doug Wiltshire
Steve Sandry

Also in attendance:

Renee Roberts, Cyra Jane Hobson, Bob Leverich, Kirsten [?]

The meeting was called to order at 3:00pm.

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Minutes of NWSSA Board Meeting 1-9-2016


Minutes of NWSSA Board meeting on January 9th, 2016
at Ken Barnes home, Seattle, WA

Present were:
Carl Nelson – President
Michael Yeaman – Treasurer
Verena Schwippert - Secretary
Ken Barnes
Ben Mefford 
Pat Barton
Rick Johnson

Also in attendance:
Renee Roberts - taking minutes

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm.
Previous BoD meeting minutes available on NWSSA website were approved by all.

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Minutes of NWSSA Board Meeting August 2015

Minutes of Board Meeting from 8-26–2015 held at Stone Sculpting Symposium at Suttle Lake.
Meeting was called to order at 4:08 pm.

Members of the Board present:
Carl Nelson, President; Ken Barnes, Vice President;
Pat Barton; Steve Sandry, Rick Johnson
Guest: Doug Wiltshire, became a board member

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Board Meeting July 2015

Board of Directors Meeting, July 15, 2015  Camp Brotherhood, Mount Vernon

Present were Carl Nelson, Ken Barnes, Steve Sandry, Ben Mefford, Michael Yeaman, guests: Rich Hestekind and CyraJane Hobson
Absent were Verena Schwippert

1. Election of Officers
President: Carl Nelson
Vice President: Ken Barnes
Treasurer: Michael Yeaman
Secretary: Verena Schwippert

2. Change of ByLaws  
Renee Roberts will confirm the number of votes cast and check what constitutes a majority in order to change bi-laws. 
Renee will update the board member spreadsheet. Board will review if ByLaw change has passed.

3. Election Results: by paper ballot and online voting the results are as follows:
A.  Board members serve a two year commitment, entailing 2-4 meetings a year with your peers to conduct board business. Three of our members are up for reelection to the board and one candidate has agreed to serve:
Our three current members: Verena Schwippert, Pat Barton, Ben Mefford, and new board member Doug Wiltshire have been elected to the board

B.  Vote to amend NWSSA Bylaws: The amendment to our bylaws entails the vote for Change of Term Limitations from three 2-year terms to four 2-year terms for all board members.
The membership has agreed to an amendment change.

4. Sculpture Show Opportunity
Cyra Jane presented the show opportunity in Occidental park, Seattle. Cyra will work up an event budget, part of which may be covered by
the BOD agrees it is a good idea, but we need to confirm the cost for NWSSA.
ALSO, BOD clarified its relation to Cyra Jane as a project-by-project/pay for specific services relationship.

5. Suttle Lake Symposium general discussion and update by Rich Hestikind.

6. Storage Location for association equipment and supplies.
possibly at Wayne Maslin's property Duvall/Monroe. Or at Camp B. Or do we need a more central location?
Agreed Ben Mefford will do a grant application to seek funds to pay for it.
At a future date BOD will make decision about siting and cost of container.

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Board Minutes June 2015

Minutes of NWSSA Board of Directors meeting

Saturday, June 20th, 2015 at Volunteer Park in Seattle, WA.

Present were:

Carl Nelson, President;

Rick Johnson, Pat Barton, Steve Sandry and Verena Schwippert, secretary.

Absent were: Ken Barnes, Ben Mefford; Michael Yeaman.

The meeting opened at 9am.

1 Changing the By-laws: Change of the by-laws from three two year terms to four 2 year terms has been suggested. Changing the By-laws is up for vote by the general membership, at its meeting at CB in July 2015.

2 Search for a new treasurer , as Ken Barnes is resigning.

There are some prospective candidates for this position. Ken Barnes would mentor the new treasurer during their first year.

Carl Nelson and Rick Johnson will talk to some possible candidates for this position.

3 Search for a new symposium director, as Ben Mefford is resigning, however, is willing to mentor new CB director during the coming year.

Carl and Verena will talk to some possible candidates.

A discussion about the usefulness of written standard operating procedures, SOP, for treasurer and Camp director and other positions ensued. We have same from and for the past, perhaps they should be refreshed.

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Board Meeting Minutes July 2014

Minutes NWSSA of July 16th, 2014

Board of Directors meeting at Camp Brotherhood Symposium

BoD meeting began at 8:30 pm


  • Carl Nelson, president
  • Michael Yeaman, vice president
  • Ken Barnes, treasurer
  • Ben Mefford, director of symposium
  • Pat Barton, field director
  • Verena Schwippert, secretary and
  • Steve Sandry, newly elected board member


  • Gerda Lattey and
  • Rick Johnson, newly elected to the board

Board Officers Elections

The 4 officers of the board resigned and were newly elected at this meeting.

Namely: Carl Nelson, president; Michael Yeaman, vice president;

Ken Barnes, treasurer; Verena Schwippert, secretary.

Minutes from previous meeting.
The minutes from the last BoD meeting in were approved by all.

Finances. Ken Barnes' financial report from the General meeting was briefly discussed. The balance for the year 2013 is minus $ 5200, an acceptable amount given NWSSA's current reserves.

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Board Minutes August 2014


Minutes of NWSSA Board meeting on August 28th, 2014
at Silver Falls Lodge & Conference Center in Oregon

Present were:
Carl Nelson – President
Ken Barnes – Treasurer
Ben Mefford - Camp B 2014 Director
Pat Barton
Rick Johnson

Also in attendance:
Renee Roberts - taking minutes
Doug Wiltshire - Silver Falls Symposium Director

The meeting was called to order at 1:23 pm.
Previous BoD meeting minutes available on NWSSA website were approved by all.

Camp B
Silver Falls
Other Business

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Board Minutes March 2014

Minutes 3–22–2014 

NWSSA Board of Directors Meeting
at Seattle Design Center

Present were:
Carl Nelson, President;
Michael Yeaman, Vice President;
Pat Barton, Symposium Field Director;
Ken Barnes,Treasurer;
Ben Mefford, Director of Symposium;
Verena Schwippert, Secretary.

The meeting was called to order at 2:12 pm.
Minutes from last meeting were approved by all.

All minutes have been, and will be, posted on the NWSSA website.

1. Lead by Ken, a general discussion ensued about donors, anonymity and also donations handled through the Seattle Foundation, which pairs donors with non-profits. Carl Nelson has registered NWSSA with them, to receive donations through them for their May 6th GiveBig .

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Board Minutes Sept 27, 2013

Minutes of NWSSA Board meeting on September 27th , 2013 at Carl Nelson's home in Lake Stevens , WA

Present were:
Carl Nelson – President
Jon Schmidt
Ken Barnes – Treasurer
Verena Schwippert – Secretary
Ben Mefford  - Camp B 2014 Director
Pat Barton
Michael Yeaman – Vice President  - per Skype
Gerda Lattey – joined per Skype at 10:30am

The meeting was called to order at 9:45 am.

Previous BoD meeting minutes from Silver Falls were read and approved by all.

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Board Minutes - July 18, 2012

held at 25th Stone Sculpting Symposium at Camp Brotherhood.

Meeting was called to order at 8:40 pm.

Members of the Board presentGerda Lattey, President; Carl Nelson, Vice President; Pat Barton; Ken Barnes, Treasurer; Verena Schwippert, Secretary;

Newly elected Board members: Michael Yeaman and Jon Schmidt.

Guests: Vic Picou, Barbara Davidson

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Board Minutes - May 4, 2013

Minutes, May 4th, 2013

Board of Directors meeting

[held at Carl Nelson's home in Lake Stevens]

The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 pm
Present in person:
Carl Nelson, Vice President
Verena Schwippert, Secretary
Pat Barton
Jon Schmidt
Michael Yeaman

via Skype or telephone:
Gerda Lattey, President
Ken Barnes, Treasurer

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Board Minutes - July 17, 2013

Draft of Meeting Minutes
July 17th, Wednesday 2013

NWSSA Board meeting at Stone Sculptors Symposium, Camp Brotherhood, Mount Vernon, WA

Members of the Board present were:

Carl Nelson, Pat Barton, Ben Mefford – new member of the Board;
Michael Yeaman, Jon Schmidt, Ken Barnes, Verena Schwippert.

- Guest: Renee' Roberts, association secretary.

Gerda Lattey was absent.

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