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Board Minutes - July 16, 2009


NorthWest Stone Sculptors Association
Minutes from July 16, 2009 Board of Directors meeting
The meeting was held at Camp Brotherhood (24880 Brotherhood Rd., Mt. Vernon, WA) during the Stone Sculpting Symposium – in Warren Hall – immediately after the yearly general membership meeting.
(The first part of these minutes was recorded by Verena Schwippert, outgoing secretary. The second part by Lane Tompkins, newly elected secretary.)
Board members present:
Elaine MacKay, Gerda Lattey, Leon White, Petra Brambrink, Bill Brayman, Lane Tompkins.
Absent was new Board member Carole Turner.
Guests: Verena Schwippert, Nancy Green, Vic Picou, Nicky Oberholtzer, Tracy Powell.

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Board Minutes Apr 2009

Working Draft

NWSSA sponsors the operation of a web site and a mail list server that contains information about users of these services. This privacy statement describes what information is gathered, how it is used, to whom is it disclosed, and what options the user has.

Information that may be gathered over the course of business:

  • Membership information including name, address, and email address
  • Contact information for officers, board members, and working groups
  • Contact information for symposium attendees
  • Email address, optional user name for mail lists
  • Subscription configuration data and change records
  • Mail and web server server logs including IP addresses and cookies
  • Email that is routed through the list server

Information used and disclosed:

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