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Blue Granite Egg by George PrattTen years ago, I found a remarkable piece of what I dubbed ‘Malaspina Blue Granite’ right here on my own property i.e., very close to Secret Cove on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. Over the years I have carved some handsome sculptures from it, exploiting the numerous white quartz veins throughout to create ring-necked birds; see the mother/baby ducks.
Blue Granite Duck by George Pratt
I broke one too-large piece of it up with an almighty sledge-hammer blow and was startled to find that it hosted several instances of a natural cross. This remarkable, rare egg that I carved from it needs no further description. Oh, yes, I carved and cast the ‘egg-cup’ from bronze. It is a fine little piece of artwork in itself.

Finally, I’m happy to report that a collector spoke for it an hour after I posted the advisory. Yayy!