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Deborah Wilson, Jade Carving Instructor

Deborah Wilson
Acclaimed contemporary jade and granite sculptor Deborah Wilson is one of the few remaining veteran jade artist in Canada. Her work reflects her love for organic forms and her ongoing interest in utilizing the characteristics that define this “stone of heaven.” Deborah will be demonstrating intermediate techniques for medium scale jade carving.

Nathanial Cook
Will be mentoring students new to the jade carving process by presenting tooling and equipment ideas (ie: how to make your own point carver). A good selection of precut Canadian and UYS jades will be for sale to create small scale sculpture & pendants. A graduate of UW, he is currently acting Vice President of Bull Trout Jade mining as well as President of Acme Carvers, a new jade and hardstone-focused carving center in Acme, Washington.

JasonQuigno 0065
Jason Quigno
A Native American sculptor from Michigan works in all types of stone: soapstone, alabaster, limestone, marble, basalt and granite. He loves the process of taking a raw, dense block of stone and transforming it into a balanced and harmonious object.

Gerda Lattey, Stone Crving InstructorGerda Lattey
Predominately uses the direct carve method ton harder stones, first drawing on the stone, then roughing out the piece and finishing with a high polish. You’ll also see marks from a diamond chainsaw, grinder blades, chisels, core drills and various burrs integrated into the piece – an intended visual inclusion of the myriad of industrial tools she uses. Gerda also leaves areas of stone raw (in it skin) or with chips and marks from the quarry.

Ruth Mueseler, Beginning Stone Carving InstructorRuth Mueseler
Ruth is a conglomerate of art education teacher, silversmith, art foundry worker and 23 years as stone sculptor. Her heartfelt work ranges from miniature to monumental. As an instructor Ruth is thoughtful in manner and will engage you with humor and respect. Her approach is one of intuitive curiosity and interpreting the voice of stone.

Tamara Buchanan, Beginning Stone Carving Instructor
Tamara Buchanan
Tamara has been sculpting stone for over 25 years. Featured in many shows throughout the West, her work has won several awards. She loves sharing the process of carving stone and has been teaching at her studio on Lopez Island for more than 10 years.