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Sculpture: the art of making forms, often representational, in the round or in relief, by chiseling, carving, modeling, casting, etc.

Stone: a solid, nonmetallic mineral matter; representing something not easily malleable, i.e. hard as stone.

Tools: any devices or implements used to carry out or used in an occupation or pursuit.

Sweat: a state of anxiety; effort; denoting a laborious task or undertaking.

Inspiration: a creative force or influence on artists that stimulates the production of works of art; a sudden brilliant or timely idea

Challenge: a demanding or difficult task.

Passion: a strong, barely controllable feeling.

Chips: small pieces removed by or in the course of chopping, chipping, cutting or breaking esp. from hard material such as stone.

Transcendent moment: existing apart from the material universe.

Frustration: a state of discontent because unable to achieve one’s desire.

Swear words: offensive words used especially as an expression of anger (see Frustration)

Joy: an emotion of pleasure; extreme gladness.

Camaraderie: mutual respect and good-feeling and among (often like-minded) friends.

Satisfaction: an instance of having satisfied a desire or gratified a feeling; having met the expectations or desires of.

Accomplishment: the fulfillment or completion of a task; a thing done or achieved.

NWSSA: those who embrace all of the above.

Here’s to us all and what we do!
Lane and Penelope