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Letter from the Editors

While the spring rains continue and you are making your symposium plans, we’ve got some things we hope you will be interested to read about.

Frank Rose, a new member from Whidbey Island, has done many portrait busts in clay, but now he will show us his first one he’s ever done in stone. You’ll gasp at his boldness in experimenting with color on the limestone, as well as his finely hand-chiseled, finished piece.

Pilgrim Firs director, Cyra Jane Hobson, will outline what we can expect during NWSSA’s 31st International Stone Carving Symposium this July. There will be something for everyone; from the beginner’s tent to jade carving tables to a granite workshop.

Do you know about the storage shed that was recently built at Camp Pilgrim Firs? Much of the NWSSA equipment, such as tents and pedestals, can be kept here all year for easy access when needed. Pat Barton tells us how, with the help of many willing volunteers, it went from an idea to a reality.

It’s always stimulating to get a group talking about whether we like sculpture that is full of complexities or ultra-simple. We have for you a comparison of two artists that were at the polar ends of that spectrum. Bernini will represent the baroque and Brancusi, the minimalist.


Penelope2017Lane Tompkins
Penelope and Lane