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Letter from the Editors

As we write this, there is still snow on the ground with promises of more to come. But we are a hearty lot and it would be no surprise to learn that many of us are out there carving in snowsuits. Art knows no season!

As if we haven’t had enough of the cold weather, this issue will take us just a bit further north for a visit with long time, Canadian carver, Daniel Cline. Working small or working big, he puts his artist’s touch on everything he does.

Then we head south with a stop in Portland, Oregon to see a show called CROSS+OVER. And, yes, each piece started with a cruciform.

Even further south now, to Art City in Ventura, California, home to our amazing JoAnn Duby, who gives some polishing how-tos we can all benefit from, beginner and experienced carver alike.  

In closing, remember that old adage: Stone may have forever - but we don’t. So let’s get busy out there.

May it ever be so.

Penelope2017Lane Tompkins
Penelope and Lane