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Dear Sculptors,
We are at the verge of a new year !
In this issue we are pleased to shine the Artist Spotlight on the sculptor Carole Duree. Take an especially close look at her sculptures Reflection, and Old Married Woman, where she has brilliantly imbued single stones with dual figures; the relationships they describe express something both personal and archetypal.
Delving into the interdisciplinary world, sculptor and biologist Lee Gass shares the development of one of his passion projects, Cedar Flower, as he considers how to incorporate bronze and white marble elements with a large sculpted cedar that has been years in the making. Utilizing modern technology, he has taken a 3D scan of the cedar to help him design the final elements.
Finally, we wanted to share a story by sculptor MJ Anderson about her journey to visit new friends and sculptors in Japan after meeting at the NWSSA’s Oregon Symposium at Suttle Lake in 2018.

Benjamin Mefford  Maya Kilmer
Benjamin & Maya