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Greetings to you all and to daylight savings time. The days are already noticeably longer and that’s good news for carvers.

We are doing something different with this issue. While reading another of Chip Cooper’s articles about Rodin (online at his we pondered once again the question of “How many of his marble pieces did Rodin actually carve himself?” That’s when we decided to put a question to a few our members. “How much of your work is required on a stone before you feel comfortable signing it?” Of course the question has no right or wrong answer. But, our six fearless contributors were willing to plunge in and tell us how they personally think about the subject and how, and if, it affects their carving.

Also in this issue, you will see that Verena Schwippert has been selected as the 3-D artist for 2015 by The Snohomish County Arts Council. Congratulations Verena! We are proud of you and proud to put one of your sculptures on our cover. 

Happy carving,

Penelope and Lane