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This summer offered several opportunities for carvers to get together. Not only opportunities to carve and to show their work,but perhaps most importantly, to charge their creative batteries to get them through the inevitable winter.

Even if you didn’t get to any of the gatherings this summer, we hope reading a little bit about them will act as a tonic to remind you that you are part of a large, inclusive group of friendly and talented people.

In this issue, we cover three of these events: The annual carving symposium held at Camp Brotherhood in Washington, as seen by two newcomers; the Seattle Art Walk at Occidental Park, reported by our Event Organizer, Cyra Jane Hobson, and an editor’s account of the newly located Oregon Symposium at Suttle Lake near Sisters, (formerly held at Silver Falls near Salem.)

Also from Camp B is Ken Barnes telling us about putting together something he calls five sculptors, five stones, five days. If you have ever dreamt about roughing out one sculpture a day for five straight days, this article is for you.

We also have a Bonus this issue: A Quick Look at sculptor Tom Small who tells the a story about the evolution of a piece called....“Storyteller.”

There is still time to get out in the fresh air to carve before the winter drives us back inside. Let the summer fun continue yet awhile....

Lane and Penelope