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Daniel Michael talks about stone and shows us a marble piece

"Feather", 29” X 12” X 6”, marble, stone, steel, 2015Slowly walking through the morning air, listen to the warble of thrushes moving through the remaining trees around the wetlands. A haze of dust begins to rise above the green field. A cloud moves over the gathered workers and their canopies. An energetic flirtation begins. As usual, it seems to beam in from over there, that other. Looking back, it probably starts down in the unconscious local arena. This is reaching out, exploring the environment for something new. Humans have always done and excelled at this activity.

Beginning anew. Begin anew. Begin. Then it all revolves around anew. This engagement of process with relationship amongst the multitude of things that seemingly make up the world of experience. It’s this unending discovery of novelty that the mind continues to play with, and ego suffers with. This constant interchange of energy and form sets up the ongoing business of creativity and relationship.

With no thought about it, something suddenly enters into consciousness and gains the spotlight of attention. No warning buzzer, no drumbeat nor introductory preamble, just the flood of associated imagery and storytelling from all possible and imagined references. But wait, isn’t that the most beautiful and stunning piece of stone ever seen? That color, ahhh, it so much brings up this image. The shape itself now conjures some dancing embers of a fire that resembles another dream that is yet to be realized. Hmmm, crystalline structures catching light in just that manner to be seen, to be noticed.

Yes, that, well, what if this one is moved over here. Stand it up on that vertical. Where does this now set up relation to the world? If, maybe it rolled around, the form from this side merging with the shape there. Oh, this storyline already begins to move towards form. Already the process moves along and tools begin to beckon awareness.

What about hardness, softness, is it brittle? Spray some water; color explodes. Wait, wait, where was this song going, before the volume was pushed up, before the horns expanded the view? Beautiful, wonderful intensity. Walk away. Rush back. More water, please. Question the scale, the budget, the time. The whole commitment is questioned and yet, and yet it all flows so easily through all this activity.

Seamlessly lost in the process, a new relationship is established. This new favorite is honored again and again with recurring activity and energetic ritual. The storyline slowly proceeds and locks into the immediacy of the moment. The past having been worn away in worked process, the tale continues toward tomorrow. And perhaps another stone?