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          • There are 5 to 6 inches of storage space under your car.
          • Try the color enhancer on a scrap or where it won’t show on a finished piece.
          • Tuck loose straps and ropes in when using a hand cart.
          • Don’t rest a piece on a patterned oily rag.
          • Minesweeper game: do you postpone decisions until they have to be made, or make them as they arise?
          • Drill holes before the surface is finished in case there is chipping.
          • Get a good photo for your obituary. Most don’t complement the deceased.
          • Secure loads inside your vehicle so they don’t break loose in an accident and injure you, or slide under the brake pedal.
          • Store rubber sandpaper backing disks flat to reduce chattering of the sandpaper.
          • Wrap duct tape on the metal banding of dusting or application brushes to prevent inadvertent scratches.
          • Remember electric tools have a bit more momentum to lose than air tools when turned off.
          • Old toothbrushes can be shaped and sandpaper glued to them for specialty sanding.
          • Replace wax container lids promptly to avoid accidental dust/grit contamination, and fluid container caps to avoid spillage.
          • Fart cautiously with intestinal disorders.
          • Creative work is not necessarily art.
          • Art is the ultimate luxury.

Ed note: Terry’s Tips are always appreciated when good fortune pushes them across the Journal’s editorial desks. That said, we’re obliged to add that some of the opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editors, board, or general population of NWSSA. And, then again, some of them do.