Camp B 2012 Art Walk

By describing our 25th Anniversary at Camp Brotherhood as WONDERFULLY FABULOUS!!! I am hoping that all who attended felt the same. First timers, whether beginners or practicing sculptors, and past members who came to see familiar faces, receive hugs, and to become rejuvenated in the spirit that we all share.

For all of you who volunteer graciously to make this all happen without a glitch, OUR HATS ARE OFF TO YOU WITH A SALUTE AND A DEEP BOW! Tracy Powell has already told you about many of the wonderful people and instructors who helped to make our 25th anniversary symposium a success. Let me add a little to that.

Pat Barton spent a huge amount of time and energy building FORTY, yes, I said FORTY new cedar sculpture pedestals! Those pedestals gave the sculpture field a professional look that added so much to our presentation.

And thank you, Renee Roberts (The BEST office gal!) for all your office organizational skills. We especially want to thank you for developing and producing the eye-catching Sculpture Walk Poster that we used to advertise the event.

And speaking of advertising publicity, this year saw the best press coverage we have ever had. Renee and I hounded the local newspapers to print articles before Camp opened and a local TV station featured us on an Arts and Entertainment evening show. All of this helped us to sell thirteen sculptures for $5400. Auction Fun

Other records were broken as well. Our live auction, stone auction and silent auction together brought in an additional $9,550. We received money from one more source: a $2,000 grant for equipment from 4Culture, a Seattle Arts Funding Organization. We are now on their roster for future grant opportunities.

Finally, I want to give a huge thanks to our vendors whose generous donations helped make our auction such a grand success. Concut Diamond Products, Master Wholesale of Seattle  and Will Robinson Stones.