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Here are some links to information about diamond tools that I found is informatiive and useful.- (Pat Barton-)

Note: Maybe UKAM would become a supporter of this project, that we are working on, and also NWSSA.

Getting the most from your Diamond Tools

Getting the Most from your Diamond Sawing Operation  Has good information on saw use. safety, and how to make your blades last longer.

Getting the Most from your Diamond Drilling Operation

Select the Right Diamond Blade for your Application

Select Right Diamond Drill

Optimizing your Diamond Drilling Operation

Getting the Most from your Diamond Blades / Diamond Sawing Operation

Diamond Drill usage suggestions and recommendations

Selecting the right Diamond Drill for your application

How to properly use Diamond Drills & Diamond Drill Bits (543kb) 

Diamond Blade Guide & Getting the most from your Diamond Blades

Selecting the right Diamond Blade for your application


(Although maybe self explanitory, it would be useful to have a one sentance intro to each article as to why or what the article enlightens us about.  Also has anyone done a compare and contrast on this manufacturuer vrs others?  Also, I forwarded this on to Gerda for follow-up.)