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Roughing out:

Cut without forcing blade.  Cut from left to right so direction of blade turn is into cut.  Less tendency to kick back.  If it does kick doesn’t go far.  Take saw out of cut for return.  Trow  & Holden recommend letting blade cool by backing off pressure every 10-15 seconds and letting run up to speed. Take cuts down to about 1-2 inches.

Separation of cuts (fret thickness) determined by depth of cut; the shallower the cut, the closer together they should be placed.  Frets broken out by hand hammer and point or chisel (T&H will grind beveled edge on offset hand set) or with air hammer and rough out machine chisel.  Next set of frets can go at right angle, shallower & closer together. Use oblique light to see if saw kerfs all come to desired surface before popping out fins last time.