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It all started with a post requesting rational power tool information in one place, then a name "grindopedia", and then substantial follow-up from a vibrant community with a good spirit. From "grindopedia" you can find out about:  Blades and Diamonds, Glazed Diamonds, Grinders, Polishing, Air Hammers, Sanding Mandrels, Safety Check List, Breathing Protection...

It all started with a post:

"Before I got myself in the ston business I was an almost self-taught furniture and wooden boat builder. Through the years I read many books and journals telling me all sorts of things including the use of tools. So now I am building up a small library of books about stone sculpting. What I am missing is a manual about the mechanical tools we use. There is a fair amount of information about hand tools by, among others Weygers and Slobodkin. But even those texts were written 50 years ago.

Where is an up to date manual on all the attachments for electric angle grinders and pneumatic tools? The catalogues are uninformative with regards to the specific use these attachments were designed for. I got some help from my sculptor friends here on Quadra Island and at Camp Brotherhod. I am a novice I need to learn lots and fast, as I am getting older.  So any suggestions from you experienced people on how to acquire a useful text that tells me "this does this and that does that" I am hoping for. Looking forward to a flood of advice."

       -- Dirk Van Der Minne

The flood:

For the 2004 symposium Verna Dee Dice had the handouts from the workshop instructors bound together, along with some other information from Silver Falls and some of Kalia Gentiluomo's info for Stone Carving I & II at Pratt.  There's a fair amount of info there although I think everything I put about tools in the granite carving workshop was lifted from Tom Urban in the first place.  Karl Hufbauer has some good stuff there from the quartzite workshop he taught.   -- Kirk McLean

On Dec 19, 2009, at 11:28 AM, H. Palisin wrote:  Yes, it is exciting.  I think the information is all out there but it's fragmented.  There are gaps.  I hope the articles would be set up for a continuing flow of allow for info from others, almost a chat room where stuff could be tweaked.  - Helen

On Dec 19, 2009, at 10:24 AM, Gerda Lattey wrote:  This is wonderful. I'm thinking out loud here: What about writing the articles first and placing them on the new site for immediate access. Then once we feel we have enough content for a comprehensive manual, we edit again and do a cost analysis for a hard copy.  Grindopedia.. love the name Tracy!! Thanks Dirk!  G

On Sat, Dec 19, 2009 at 9:09 AM, verena schwippert wrote: Fabulous idea to gather all that knowledge, that is in no book.......... Could be divvied up in different task and  different stones etc No better place than the new website,  --RockVee

tracy powell wrote: Great idea   our own grindopedia.  let's do it. -- tracy

The Plan:

Create a "Tool Manual" place on the web.

Give folks who want to "do it" acess/privelege to create and edit articles.  When they are ready for prime time open 'em to public.

Create "place holder" articles for folks to edit (change, delete, etc...) and fill-in as they see fit.

The Place:

grindopedia - a collection of article about tools and stone carving.