34th Annual International Stone Carving Symposium
at Pilgrim Firs Camp, Port Orchard, WA 
July 9th-17th 2022

Guest Artists & Workshops: Stephanie Robison - Junctions Between Forms and Materials, Candyce Garrett - Expect the Unexpected, Deborah Wilson - Elegance in Jade, and Beginning Stone Sculpture in the DOJO with Tamara Buchanan & Ruth Mueseler

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2018 Pilgrim Firs Attendees
The Symposium 

We invite you to join us at Camp Pilgrim Firs for eight full days of playing with stone, communing with nature and enjoying the camaraderie of fellow stone enthusiasts. Bring yourself, your creative energy, your tools, and a favorite rock (or four!)

If you’re new to this whole things and don’t have stone or tools, we have an entire space set up for beginners with tools and instructors. Stone and tools will be available for purchase by our vendors.

The Campground provides cabins and lodges that are connected by walking paths through the forested grounds and three full meals a day, so you’ll have the ultimate freedom to delve into carving and building friendships. Evenings are filled with slideshows, informational talks, a riot of a fundraising auction, a music-filled final night party, campfires and even nighttime swims in the lake.

The Camp has a lodge with a shared common area and bathrooms; it features multiple dorm-style rooms that sleep 2-3 people each. There are also 11 duplex-style cabins with private decks that sleep up to 3 per side. For those who like to commune more closely with nature, limited space is available for tents or trailers. No pets are allowed during the week.

Sculpture Walk on the Meadow

We’ll host an outdoor art gallery that’s a perfect opportunity to show your work in a supportive and appreciative environment. We encourage everyone to bring a finished piece to display and to invite your friends! Bring pedestals if you have them. NWSSA takes a 20% commission.

Guest Artists and Workshops
Stephanie Robison, Desire    Close Contact: Junctions Between Forms and Materials - Stephanie Robison
The sculpture of Stephanie Robison plays with multiple oppositional relationships. Her latest series of work combines traditional stone carving and the process of needle felting wool. By merging incongruous materials such as wool and marble, she works to synthesize and fuse: hard and soft, organic and geometric, natural and architectural, handmade and the uniform industrial. During the week, Stephanie will be discussing overall design, formal relationships and junctions between forms, and balancing compositions.
Candyce Garrett        Expect the Unexpected - Candyce Garrett
Working with granites since 2001, Candyce excels in contrasting the heavy material with lightness and fluid form by implying motion. She explores the illusion of movement through explosion, implosion, and piercing and plays with surface textures to create a piece that will evolve with the changing ambient lighting to be something new, exciting, and different each time it is viewed. She will be demonstrating various surfacing techniques that achieve these goals in the afternoons as well as discussing inlays and giving a presentation on her momentous body of work
 Deborah Wilson The Tortoise and the Hare   Elegance in Jade - Deborah Wilson
Acclaimed contemporary jade and granite sculptor will be offering a workshop in jade. Her work reflects her love for organic forms and her ongoing interest in utilizing the characteristics that define this “stone of heaven.” A good selection of precut Canadian and US jades will be for sale to create small scale sculpture and pendants. Class limit is 10 people, so register early and watch your registration confirmation for details.
Carving in the "Dojo" Beginner's Sone Carving Tent     Beginning Stone Sculpture in the Dojo 

For the entire 8 symposium days, Ruth and Tamara will be hosting a beginners workshop focused on safe tool usage and introductory instruction. During the workshop, beginners will have a table and stone of their own and use of an extensive selection of the NWSSA beginner tool library.

Ruth is a conglomerate of art education teacher, silversmith, art foundry worker and 29 year stone carving veteran. Her heartfelt work ranges from miniature to monumental. As an instructor she is thoughtful and will engage you with humor and respect.

Tamara has been sculpting for over 30 years. Featured in many shows throughout the West, her work has won several awards. She loves sharing the process of carving and has been teaching at her studio on Lopez Island for over 12 years.

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Workshop and Event  Schedule (subject to change)
Workshops Instructor Days
Elegance in Jade Deborah Wilson Mon-Fri
Close Contact Stephanie Robison Sun-Sat
Expect the Unexpected Candyce Garrett Sin-Sat
Beginner's Stone Carving Tamara Buchanan & Ruth Mueseler Sun-Sat

Events Evening
Candyce Garrett Artist Presentation Sunday
Stephanie Robison Artist Presentation Monday
General Assembly and BOD Meeting Wednesday
Live Scholarship Auction with Al Mangold Thursday
Dance Party! Friday

Our Vendors

Stone and tools will be available for purchase by our vendors;
Neolithic Stone – If you have specific stone requests, please contact Randy ahead of time at www.neolithicstone.com 604-736-5201
Bronzestone - Various sizes of polished granite bases. www.bronzestonebases.com
Richard Secrist - Rejuvenating deep tissue massage, providing 60, 90, and 2hr massages throughout the week.
Washington Jade - Supplying West Coast jade for sale. www.washingtonjade.com
Carolyn Anderson and Georgia Peterson - Restore alignment and health to stressed muscles.

Field Mentors
Most of our members have years if not decades of experience and have worked with various types of stone. If you desire individual guidance or support, field mentors will be available. If you’re interested in being a field mentor, please contact the director. All parties gain from the experience of sharing information.

Financial Aid
Thanks to our generous members and the Scholarship Auction, funds are available for both work-study positions and scholarships. For information, contact Cyra Jane, Symposium Director, at 206-406-0711 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Register On-line:  [Click Here]
or via SnailMail: download [ 2022 Registration Form ] send with with payment to NWSSA, Attn: Cyra Jane, Symposium Director, PO Box 27364 Seattle, WA 98165
Upon registration, you will receive a package of information including directions to Camp Pilgrim Firs and a list of things to bring.