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25th Annual International Stone Carving Symposium • Camp Suttle Lake • Sisters, Oregon • August 11th - 18th, 2019

Members, Register On-Line by August 1st receive $100 Discount off full time rate at check-out.
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The NWSSA continues our tradition of bringing together world-class sculpting masters for unique opportunities to provide instruction and discuss where we are today. From classical hand tools to new high-tech machining tools and techniques, our instructors provide knowledge and inspiration for all attendees. MJ and Samia work on our Monumental Group Project

About the Symposium and Suttle Lake Facilities

The Northwest Stone Sculptors Association is excited to hold our annual Oregon State Stone Carving Symposium at Suttle Lake Camp! This is the 5th year we are returning to this venue, and it has become ‘home’.
The symposium is open to all levels from beginners who have never carved stone before to the experienced sculptor. Make new friends, renew old friendships and fire up the creative spirit in a rich, supportive environment.
Suttle Lake Camp is nestled on the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains 14 miles west of Sisters, Suttle Lake Camp is a special place where the vivid green of Western Oregon mingles with the sunny beauty of the eastern part of the state.

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Tuition Includes: Accommodations, Instruction & Meals.
Symposium tuition includes double occupancy lodging in the lodge or rustic style cabins with brand new semi-private shower facilities with dressing areas. Cots with a mattress are provided, bring your own sleeping bag, pillow and linens. If you prefer more privacy and comfort, there are many hotels and B&B’s located nearby in the town of Sisters.
During the early mornings or afternoons, you might find the time for a swim, paddle a boat across the lake, take a leisurely bike ride or walk along the trails nearby.

2018 Suttle Lake AttendeesWorkshops and Instruction: Our inclusive community will set up a circle of tents to carve, share, learn and be invigorated. From the beginner’s tent to the professional’s tool chest, there are ample ways to advance one’s ideas, talents and learning.
Extensive carving sessions are interspersed with informative classes and stimulating sculpting lessons. Field mentors and instructors are available to help guide you through your challenges. Bring your gear (if you are a beginner, we have tools you can use), connect to our power, water and air sources and peruse the tools and variety of stones being carved and available for purchase from our on-site vendors.

Jade Carving Workshop with Steve Sandry - There is a limited amount of space in the Jade Carving tent, so be sure to register early! There will be an additional materials fee depending upon the size and quality of jade you select.  Heidi Temko wearing safety gear

Tool & Safety Talks - Dan Michael of Olympia, WA will display an array of electric and pneumatic power carving tools and methods while explaining safe operation, potential hazards and proper safety protection.

Beginning Stone Carving: NWSSA provides free access to hand carving tools and tables, plus some pneumatic and power tools for beginners to use throughout the week. Instructor Stephanie Robison will guide beginning and intermediate stone carving students to explore basic sculptural form, processes, techniques, and concepts while addressing historical and contemporary issues in sculpture.

Guest Artists and Field Mentors:
Sabah Al-DhaherSabah Al-Dhaher – Sabah was born in Nasriyah, Iraq. At the age of 15 he was accepted to The Fine Arts Institute-Basra in Iraq, where he lived and received his training in classical art. Sabah fled Iraq in 1991, spent two and a half years in a refugee camp in Saudi Arabia and in 1993 he came to the US as a political refugee. Sabah has been creating and exhibiting his work throughout the Northwest since 1995. Sabah's story has been chronicled in various media including "My Saraab", a documentary by Sarna Lapine.

Mark Andrew – Mark will lead our group sculpture project for Camp Suttle Lake. This large-scale monument will continue each year until completed, and all are encouraged to spend time with this magnificent piece of marble.

Patrick DorattiPatrick Doratti – With a background in digital imaging, animation and fine arts, Pat studied stone sculpture in Carrara, Italy. He is currently utilizing his background in CAD with a digital robotic arm to rough out large scale stone sculptures in his Nelson, B.C. studio. 

Rich Hestekind – Inspired by a reverence for Japanese aesthetic. We appreciate his mentorship of our stone community and engaging, mindful workshops.

Stephanie RobisonStephanie Robison - Originally from Oregon, Stephanie currently resides in California teaching sculpture at the City College of San Francisco and serving as Vice President and Educational Director for the California Sculptors Symposium. Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Marylhurst University and a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of Oregon.
Tom Small
Tom Small – Tom grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has always been inspired by the mountains and creative beings that live here.

Lawrence StollerLawrence Stoller - is an internationally recognized, award-winning artist, sculptor, author and teacher. He has pioneered the enduring art of sculpting monumental transparent crystals combined with bronze, known as Megagems; including several of the most prodigious gemstone sculptures in existence. Stoller was commissioned by American Express, to create the centerpiece of the (9/11) Eleven Tears Memorial, located across the street from Ground Zero. His collaborative hanging sculpture “Bahia” is the cornerstone of the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California.
Kazutaka Uchida
Kazutaka Uchida - Many of us have come to know Uchida Sensei fondly, and his roots with NWSSA are deep. Uchida recently retired from university teaching, and we are fortunate to welcome him back as an honored mentor.

Field Mentors Rich Hestekind and Kazutaka Uchida will be available on a daily basis if you desire individualized guidance or support.

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Stone and Tool Vendors:
If you have a special order, please contact the Vendor(s) prior to Camp
Carolyn Anderson – Restore alignment and health to stressed muscles through massage therapy. 360-698-2198
Bronzestone Bases – Bronzestone will come for an afternoon with a selection of polished bases in granite and other stones. 916-285-5593 or visit  
Concut Diamond Products - Carries a selection of turbo, cutting & grinding diamond blades and polishing pads. 253-872-3507 
Kentaro Kojima – will have available hand carving and masonry tools imported from Japan. 
Stone Sculptor Supplies – Stephanie Robison will bring a selection of rifflers, files and rasps. Need something special? Visit 
Tom Urban - A selection of stone and tools from Neolithic Stone & Tom’s inventory. Alabaster, chlorite, limestone, Kansas fence posts and marbles. Tools include diamond blades, cups, burrs and files. Call for requests and info, 541-912-2197 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Special Thanks to the directors 2019 SL Show and staff of Suttle Lake Camp for their hospitality, Rich Hestekind for his mentorship, Marenakos Rock Center, Concut Diamond Products and Master Wholesale for their in-kind support.

Outdoor Sculpture Show
Saturday, August 18th, 2019
11 am - 4 pm

On Saturday morning, we will set up an outdoor art gallery. We welcome the public to join in the fun. It is a great opportunity to show your work in a supportive and appreciative environment. We encourage everyone (experienced and beginners) to bring your finished piece(s) of work to display. Invite your friends and clients to come. Some pedestals are provided, but bring your own if you can. A 20% sales commission supports NWSSA