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Suttle Lake

15th Annual Silver Falls Symposium

Find out what we did in 2009 at Silver Falls!!
August 22-26, 2009

Special Guests: Brian Goldbloom  and  Collen Wilson

The Symposium is open to all levels, from beginners who have never carved stone to the experienced sculptor.  This year the symposium will include individualized field instruction by Laura Alpert, Rich Hestikind, Lee Imonen, David P. Miller and Tom Urban. Bring projects you've started, or buy stone on site and get one-on-one attention from the instructor of your choice.  On Tuesday Paul Buckner will be on site to give individualized instruction.  Evening slide presentations will feature work by Brian Goldbloom, Coleen Wilson and Rich Hestikind. The Silver Falls Symposium is a great place to make new friends, renew old friendships and learn more about stone carving in a relaxed, supportive environment.


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What you might find at our Silver Falls Symposium, August 28-Sept 01, 2010

           NWSSA’s fall stone carving symposium happens every year in a special place. Oregon’s Silver Falls State Park has preserved a lavish display of dense forest stitched with miles of trails leading us to no fewer than ten magnificent waterfalls. Right in the center of this wonder is a tree shrouded meadow where we set up work tables to hold the stones on which we will work. Our hands, our tools and our creativity will change the stone forever, and the stone, having its own form of creativity, changes us as well.


       If you're am old hand at carving, you know what I'm talking about, but if you are new to stone and come anyway, it’s still possible that you will leave with nothing more than a fabulous few days with a fun group of new friends. Or you may, like so many of us, find much more than that. You may discover that you have let out that small thing that you have long suspected was in you. You just may let loose that creative spark that will turn you into a stone sculptor. Wouldn’t it be good to find out?