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Elaine Mackay at Assault on Basalt, photo by Lee Gass The NorthWest Stone Sculptors Association was saddened to hear of Elaine Mackay's recent passing in January 2017. In memory of her, we share the following articles, photos, video and your remembrances of Elaine and how she touched so many of us.

In her own words:
"Carving stone has given me personal happiness, satisfaction and an even keel in my life that had heretofore eluded me. Which brings me to the importance of NWSSA in my life. The community of like-minded people, ideas, education, and opportunity. Reading David Quammen’s article on the Dodo bird coincided with my first Camp B. symposium and I knew I would never have to face such a destiny. This is what my art and the people I absorb through NWSSA gave me. I hope I am able to give a tenth back."
- Elaine MacKay

Elaine touched so many of our lives. Upon hearing of her passing, many memories were shared on the listserve.  The following are just a few remembrances from our members.  If you have a memory or photo of Elaine, please share it with us. {This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.}

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