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Richard Beyer Remembered

by George PrattRichard Beyer Carving
George Pratt’s recently rediscovered photo of Richard Beyer making his selections from a huge pile of quarried granite blocksOne morning I looked up from hammering at the Terry Fox sculpture to see this stranger standing quietly on the top of that huge pile of granite quarry blocks adjacent to my studio yard. True, my yard was located in an area of Vancouver where bad guys were eternally cruising to see what they could score, but making off with an eight-ton granite block seemed unlikely. Yet he stood there, still and thoughtful, for almost half an hour, as if he was wondering how he could put one of those beautiful, fresh blocks in his pocket and take it home. I was busting to find out what he was all about, but before going over to accost him, I seized the moment to take this dramatic photo which has sat forgotten here in my shoe-box for thirty-seven years. (Where did those years all go!?)

In the end, he did acquire three of those blocks and transported them off to Fremont (I’d never heard of the place) where he set to hammering at them just as I was doing with my block (it was once part of that pile) although his was a different subject.

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Elaine Mackay; More than a Tenth

Elaine Mackay at Assault on Basalt, photo by Lee Gass The NorthWest Stone Sculptors Association was saddened to hear of Elaine Mackay's recent passing in January 2017. In memory of her, we share the following articles, photos, video and your remembrances of Elaine and how she touched so many of us.

In her own words:
"Carving stone has given me personal happiness, satisfaction and an even keel in my life that had heretofore eluded me. Which brings me to the importance of NWSSA in my life. The community of like-minded people, ideas, education, and opportunity. Reading David Quammen’s article on the Dodo bird coincided with my first Camp B. symposium and I knew I would never have to face such a destiny. This is what my art and the people I absorb through NWSSA gave me. I hope I am able to give a tenth back."
- Elaine MacKay

Elaine touched so many of our lives. Upon hearing of her passing, many memories were shared on the listserve.  The following are just a few remembrances from our members.  If you have a memory or photo of Elaine, please share it with us. {This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.}

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Sheri Tangen

The NorthWest Stone Sculptors Association was saddened to hear of the passing of Sheri Tangen on December 2nd 2018. In memory of her, we share the following in remembrance of Sheri.Sheri Tangen at Suttle Lake in 2017
A memorial will be held on January 25th 2019 at 1:00 pm at South Sound Manor 455 North St SE Tumwater, WA.

In Her own Words: My First Time at Silver Falls

Hello All, For those who may have met and or got to know Sheri Tangen at the few symposiums, a couple at Camp B and Silver Falls last year. Debbie, her wife of 32 years just contacted me that Sheri passed away December 2nd from cancer at 64 years old. Debbie just retired so they were really looking forward to their retirement together. Since her first symposium, Sheri was immediately welcomed with her joyous laugh and her great sense of humor. She was positive with everything, even with her battle as Debbie has said. She soooooo enjoyed finding the NWSSA "Her People" and was 100% engaged in learning to Sculpt!  -Leon White

I will miss her.  So many times talking with her about tools and techniques and encouraging her to continue the great work she was doing.  I will miss her. BTW - Because of her calling in a favor from her brother we have electrical power at Pilgrim Firs. - Carl Nelson

"Oh, this news hit so sadly. Sheri was such a light - always so open, enthusiastic, supportive and generous. We were work studies together our first year and became fast friends. I will miss her greatly." Cyra Jane

What a bright light…it is really hard for me to believe that she will not be at Camp this year…our time on this planet is unknown…I will miss her greatly. - Michael Yeaman

I am so sorry to hear about Sherry. I have so many memories.  One of my favorite remembrances was her excitement and justifiable pride in the Olivine bowl with a handle she made, her first foray into working with harder stone. I can see her smile. Sue K 

Nancy Green

Nancy Green was a teacher, mother, artist, and student of Everett DuPen. Nancy joined NWSSA in 1992 and served as a membership chair. Below is a picture of Nancy sketching the field during a Camp Brotherhood Symposium - notice the sculpture walk set-up in the foreground and the barn in the background.
Nancy Green at Camp Brotherhood

Nancy was featured in our July 1997 issue of Sculpture Northwest - Artist Spotlight: Nancy Green