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President's Message

President's Message September-October 2019

From the President.... 

I’m sitting with the afterglow of wonderful events at both Pilgrim Firs and Suttle Lake. We had excellent participation, good guest artists, and our typical strongly supportive community. I take it for granted that everyone will be friendly, open, helpful and enjoyable. But then I remind myself that we have a unique community at NWSSA.

I recently dug out an older t-shirt from a prior symposium with the Stone Cycle emblazoned on the back. Igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. After this many years of carving I’ve come realize I have been moving through a Stoner Cycle. Ignorance, then metamorphosis as I matured in my art, now moving into senescence. May your stone cycle be blessed.
Ken Barnes

--- Ken

President's Message July-August 2019

From the President.... 

President’s Message

NWSSA and Pacific Northwest Sculptors will be sponsoring “Making Space", a joint sculpture show exhibit during the International Sculpture Center’s Portland conference this coming October 12-15.  Look for the call and consider submitting a piece for the show and attending the conference to see what’s going on in their world of sculpture. Check out

I have served on the board for eight years and as president for six years.  It is time for me to take a break and carve more.  I’m not going away, and I plan on continuing involvement with the web site, workshops, and other needs of the association. I’m a bit disappointed that I will not get to work with all of the new board members who are running (and will likely be elected by the time you read this.) They will be a strong addition to the board.

Words matter, and as a member of the NWSSA community, there are words that have grown for me in meaning, importance, and value over the years and have contributed greatly to my understanding, appreciation, and creation of sculpture.  When you say, “Think of sculpture,” you will consider its material and place, then likely its characteristics such as surface, edge, texture, color. Maybe you will move on to its physicality, such as mass or center of gravity, or beyond that to volume and space or something less solid like movement or light. All these words exist in our context of past experience and memory. The sharing and openness of the NWSSA community helps give substance to these words. Thank you for being a part of this sculpture community. 

Carve Proud, Learn Much, and Share with Many...
... Carl

President's Message May-June 2019

From the President.... 

President’s Message

Pilgrim Firs is not to be missed this Pilgrim Firs is not to be missed this year! In addition to our Beginner’s Workshops and special Jade tent,we have two incredible Guest Artists.From Florence comes marble sculptor Jason Arkles. Jason also hosts The Sculptor’s Funeral podcast. In my drive down and back from Austin TX, I got to sample and binge. I highly recommend it. Go to:

Also with us is limestone sculptor Dale Enoch, from Indiana.He has a bunch to talk about on doing public work as well as public commentary, see: Cartouche, (Chronicle of the Orange King):

Check out the Centerfold for more information.

Finally, we were sorry to receive Lane and Penelope’s announcement that they are retiring and hanging up their editors' hats. We have been so fortunate to have them as the editorial team for the Journal for a combined 30 years. They say it has been a rewarding journey and are pleased with their stewardship. The board echoes that feeling as the two of them have created a respected and beautiful record of our collectiveworks and activities over this time.

I suggested to them that we would like to honor them in someway, but they feel amply compensated by having had the opportunity to work so closely with the Association over the years. So I think I speak for the Organization when I say a heartfelt Thank You.
In addition to mark the transition, an Editor’s Scholarship Fund has been setup for those needy sculptors out there to attend our symposiums and workshops. A group of anonymous donors have contributed $500 as a challenge to all members who wish to both honor Lane & Penelope and help those who carve stone.Instead of one of those $5 hallmark thank you cards, donate at our web site and make note it’s for the Editor’s Scholarship Fund.

Their retirement also means the Association needs a new editorial team. Penelope and Lane have planned well for the transition. They have already done most of the work for the July/August issue so there is a good running start, and they will be happy to work with their replacements to assure a smooth transition.If you have an interest in taking on the role of editor, there are two main functions required:
1) Soliciting material, including artist interviews and other things that artists find interesting;
2) Editing the material for clarity/presentation purposes.
The person who does our printing also does the content layout so the job does NOT include layout and design of each issue,just a gathering and editing of material.

If taking on this role appeals to you and you’d like to be part of the next team, please email or call Ken Barnes: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (206-930-0681) or Carl Nelson: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.(425-7564-7967).

Carve Proud, Learn Much, and Share with Many...
... Carl