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This year, the Silver Falls Stone Carving Symposium has brought together several world class sculpting masters for a unique opportunity. From classical Roman figurative, to modern minimalism and the tools and equipment used to create small and large scale sculptural installations, there is knowledge and inspiration to be gained for the novice student to master sculptor.

 Kazutaka Uchida       Kazutaka Uchida: Uchida Sensei travels again from his home in Japan to talk with us about his unique approach to stone art. He will be sharing, through Kentaro Kojima's translation, his insights on the clean lines, subtle beauty and harmonious balance of sculptural forms, stripped of all superficial qualities.
 Matt Auvinen   Matt Auvinen: Matt has worked and taught for years in Europe. From Florence he ran tours into the marble quarries of Carrara. From 1988 to l992 he worked as an artisan for several Italian sculpture studios. He has lived and worked in Pietrasanta, one of Italy's stone carving centers, for 8 years.
 Tracy Powell   Tracy Powell: Tracy is a self-taught master in wood and stone carving. He has taught numerous hand tool carving workshops on Whidbey and Camano Islands and uses his naturalistic and fulsome style to tell stories and create memorials and public art monuments.
 Stuart Kendall   Stuart Kendall: Stuart is CEO of Seattle Solstice in south Seattle. He blends art, fabrication and engineering to create technically advanced custom stone cutting equipment. He is currently working on the cutting equipment for the large scale Ten Thousand Year Clock Project in Texas.
Daniel Michael   Daniel Michael:Hailing from Olympia, WA, Daniel will be instructing us on a wide array of the power tools commonly used to carve stone. His classes will feature hands-on instruction in the use and maintenance of these tools while teaching us how to use each tool effectively and safely.
Paul Buckner   Paul Buckner (1933-2014): On one of our evenings, former students and friends will gather to celebrate the Legacy of Professor Emeritus Paul Bruckner, a man who epitomized the "highest ideal of the word teacher." Paul Buckner is remembered for his work in stone, metal, and wood and for his legacy of fine arts teaching.