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The Northwest Stone Sculptors Association was founded in 1984 with the purpose of providing access to stone and stone carving tools and to promote stone sculpting in the Northwest. The first meetings were held in the studio of Fremont sculptor Meg Pettibone, our Founder. Her dream was to revive the dying art of carving stone.  Below is an incomplete list of some of those who have been a part of NWSSA.  If you have info to help complete the this, please send a note to office AT

The Board of Directors and officers develop and review existing and proposed programs, as well as develop strategic partnerships to promote educational opportunities and the art of stone sculpture.

Chronology of NWSSA Presidents, Board Members and Symposium Directors

NWSSA President Tenure
Ben Mefford head shot of Ben photo by Adam Dabrowski 2020-present
Ken Barnes KenBarnes 2019-2020
Carl Nelson CarlNelson 2013-2019
Gerda Lattey Gerda 2010-2012
Lane Tompkins Lane 2009 (interim)
Tom Francis tomfrancis 2008
Elaine Mackay   2005-2008
Ken Barnes   2003-2005
Lloyd Whannell   2001-2002
Kirk McLean   1999-2000
Rich Hestekind   1997-1998
Victor Picou   1989-1996
Ray Robinson   1989
Meg Pettibone   Founder, NWSSA incorporated in 1988


Current Board Members  Elected to BOD Re-Elected Term Expires 
Ben Mefford, President      
Trevor Contreras, Treasurer 2020    
Ellie Hochman, Secretary      
Eirene Blomberg 2020   2022
Rick Johnson 2014 2016 2018
Steve Taplin 2020   2022
Denny Tseng 2020   2022
Doug Wiltshire 2015  2020 2022


International Stone Carving Symposium Directors Washington State
Cyra Jane 2016- present
Ben Mefford 2014-2015
Barbara Davidson 2011-2013
Arliss Newcomb 2009-2010
Elaine MacKay 2007-2008
June Bloye 2006
Verna Dice 2005
Bruce Salisbury 2004
Georgia Peterson & Arliss Newcomb 2002-2003
Vic Picou & Georgia Peterson 2001
Vic Picou 1989-2000
Meg Pettibone 1987


International Stone Carving Symposium Oregon State
Doug Wiltshire 2014 - present
Tom Urban & Kim Lewis -2013