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Carl Nelson

"What's your iconography?"

This is an important question for an artist and one that we answer unconsciously every time we shape a stone or make a mark. What we bring to that effort is the history and experience of our lives and whether it is ancient Greek and Roman, Renaissance, Abstract, Contemporary, Mickey and Minnie, anime, or smiley faces, it will be reflected in the result. At some point afterwards, when we look back at our work, we can perhaps see those icons we absorbed and hopefully something new that has been synthesized from the life we live. My hope is that, as a community of artists, we continue to engage and support one another and feed what we need to make our icons meaningful and well formed. I encourage you to continue to talk about the stuff of life and these kinds of questions. I have benefited greatly from this community and am grateful. May the coming months be filled with family, friends, and the demands of making stone chips, dust, and your own iconography.