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President's Message

President's Message Nov-Dec 2012

GerdaWe are coming into longer days, marking another year as the NWSSA, and again I'm looking foward to seeing you all this summer. It is my hope that you will find some way to make merry this holiday season, and if that merry making includes bashing a bit of rock, then we are all the better for it. Maybe it's just me, but NWSSA feeld a bit quiet lately, and I'm taking that as a positive sign. Hopefully it means you are all warm, safe and working a bit on the stuff we love.  

My very best to you all,

Gerda Lattey

President's Message Oct 2012

It has been a truly wonderful summer for NWSSA. We have two more impressive symposiums under our seasonal belt and in my experience with the organization; Silver Falls and Camp B had the biggest outpouring of support, both in terms of volunteerism and positivity.Gerda

Echoes abound that we are indeed a very special group of people and when we put our heads and our hearts together, we create an environment of knowledge, support and inspiration that is unrivaled by any other.

Things are good. NWSSA is moving forward. We are doing wonderful things together. Folks from every demographic are stepping forward into the inclusive environment that you have created. Keep your heads spinning with new ideas and keep your hearts full.

Thank you. You make me proud.

Gerda Lattey

President's Message Summer 2012

Without getting into a debate on whether Facebook has changed our socio-psychological aspects; I will say that once you immerse yourself into the vortex of social networking you do get to peruse a panoply of quite wonderful photographs posted from all over the world.  Gerda

And, if you find yourself delving a  little deeper by joining specific groups that relate to your particular interests, then its inspirational asset becomes apparent. This is the case under a specific facebook group defined as, “Sculpture.” It is in this group that some diligent volunteer quarries archival photographs of known artists in their studios and posts them for folks like me to see. Photos such Arp in his studio surrounded by backlit maquettes, Moore in his working world, Brancusi, Rodin, Hepworth, and more, all in their inspirational spaces, surrounded by tools, maquettes, sculptures, light, stone, wood, etc.

 Now, while these photos are most certainly staged, it might be useful to ask yourself some questions about where you work. What does your studio space look like? It is a place that defines you as an artist. Is there room to move? How do you work best? Is your preferred method a labyrinth of material, and tools? Do you need things clean, or cluttered? Do you require several projects at the same time or are you more definitive in your working style? We all work differently and our working spaces should be part of our creative process, defining us, and inspiring us to be productive. Food for thought when you head out to work today.

Gerda Lattey