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Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight - Candyce Garrett

SN: Who are you?

CG: My name is Candyce Garrett and I am a granite sculptor from Galisteo, New Mexico who has had the privilege to instruct at both Camp brotherhood and Silver Falls.


SN: What life experiences affected your direction in art?

CG: My first time in the Northwest was a trip to Camp B in l996. Up till then, I had been carving figurative pieces in marble and limestone. Since then my work has transformed into monumental abstracts in granite.

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Artist Spotlight - Pete Pere

SN: What experiences influenced your interest in sculpture?

PP: My parents, wife and children are artists. I have always admired classical drawing, painting and sculpture. That passion motivated travel to Western Europe to see first hand the works of Michelangelo, Raphael, da Vinci and Rodin. Their work is all about the power of emotions and expression of ‘soul.’ I was once so inspired in Florence that I was threatened with expulsion from a museum if I did not stop touching the sculptures. I did not stop but I learned to be more covert in my tactical exploits.


During this early period, I sculpted ‘Head of Youth,’ ‘The English Professor’ and ‘Charity.’

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Artist Spotlight - Maureen Hope Wall

Editor: Maureen has recently joined NWSSA. You may have met her at Camp B last year, or read her Nov/Dec 2006 Sculpture NorthWest article about the carving she did in Italy. Here is a little more about Maureen; her life and work in Port Angeles.

SN: Who are you?

MHW: I am Maureen Hope Wall; I am an artist.

SN: What is your life history as it relates to being an artist?

MHW: I first found sculpture when I was a kid and we came to the Pacific Northwest for our summers. I would play with the drift wood on our beach, making sculptures out of what I saw. Even though I had been drawing and painting by that time in my life, I knew that sculpture was more exciting and engaging.

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Artist Spotlight - Karl Hufbauer Nov/Dec 2006

LT: Please tell our readers a bit about yourself.

KH: I was born in San Diego to parents who had recently completed architecture degrees at UC Berkeley. I developed by my mid-teens into an avid rockhound, olla hunter, and rock climber. Successful in school, I eventually earned a Ph.D. in the history of science from Berkeley. Along the way, Sally Brannon and I got married and had three children, and I secured a job at UC Irvine. I taught there for more than three decades. Upon my retirement in 1999, we moved to Seattle so we could be near our elder daughter’s family. I have affiliated here with U of Washington, joined a rockhounding club, and gone into stone sculpting.

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Artist Spotlight - Tom Francis

Editors: Sit down somewhere comfortable and take a little trip through the strange world of Tom Francis. The views stated below are not necessarily those of the editors, since all of the answers and even the questions are the sole creation and responsibility of one, T.F.

LT: Our featured artist this issue is Tom Francis. Tom, who are you?

TF: Rumors and innuendo. That should be "alleged" artist, those charges haven't been proven. What is this, Twenty Questions?


LT: Thirty-two actually. What is your life history as it relates to being an artist?

TF: Alleged.

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Artist Spotlight - Mark Andrew July/August 2006

Editor: Mark’s first interview was taken by Steve Sandry, and appeared in the March/April 1999 issue.


Mark: Let me start this interview by expressing my appreciation to association members past and present for their considerable efforts to promote stone carving and community. Together we have created a rare and wonderful organization. I salute those who have taken leadership roles, which like carving stone, takes real effort and patience. My thanks to you all.


SN: Who are you?

Mark: Like all of you, I am crazy about carving, utterly captivated! I’m so captivated that I’ve worked at crafting a lifestyle where I can carve every day. Realizing this goal has been a marvelous journey, now in its 34th year. Currently my sculpture studio is seated in a happy family nest. It is surrounded by organic gardens and orchard, enjoying full southern exposure between meadows and sky while surrounded by forested ridgelines. From this location I send a voice. All the creative energy flowing through me is translated into stone, bronze, and wood every day. I’ve made choices all my adult life that have brought me to this desired outcome: sculpture has become the cornerstone of my life’s work.

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