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This summer issue of Sculpture NorthWest will show you raw stone direct from the quarry; how it’s turned into a finished sculpture; where to go to learn how to do that and what sculpture is like in a foreign country.

Starting with the quarry, Matt Auvinen will give us some of the details about a one hundred and fifty six year old marble quarry in California and the lucky NWSSA members who got to go along on his recent field trip.

Two of our members talk a bit about the personal journeys that resulted in the pieces shown in this issue. Cyra Jane Hobson shares her innermost thoughts while carving a lighthouse on legs and Jonna Ramey shows us her Fat Phobia versions of the 25,000 year old Venus of Willendorf.

Our Centerfold will have all the information you need to head for Sisters, Oregon to learn and share so much about carving stone on the fabulous shores of Suttle Lake in the high Cascades. Yes, our Second Annual Suttle Lake Symposium is ON. August 21 through 28. Register now.

Lane TompkinsPenelopeCrittendenAnd if you’re up for a trip to a frozen foreign country that is actually quite hot, come on along with our intrepid Roving Reporter, Michael Yeaman, as he introduces us to the sculpture of Iceland.

Penelope and Lane