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Suzanne Burns

Peder, Picture Stone by Suzanne Buns"Peder"

About Suzanne:  "Peder" back view by Suzanne Burns

I am a native of the Pacific Northwest, and a late blooming artist with a general art degree from the University of Washington. I am in awe of the beauty that surrounds me on the Olympic Peninsula where I live. For me, art is another way of observing something amazing and recording it, as a humble gift, to share with others.

The Japanese art form, Haiku, is able to record moments of “ahhh” using only 17 syllables, the amount of time for a single human breath! I find that even the simplest images, when discovered beneath the layers of rough stone, can bring that special moment of “ahh”.

Stone Carving is not a glamorous sport. It is dusty and difficult with lots of protective clothing required. There is grinding and chiseling and chipping away involved. Kind of like life. But even the roughest, dirty old rock is filled with amazement if we just take the time to look closely. Kind of like with people.

“As in nature, as in art, so in grace: it is rough treatment that gives souls as well as stones, their luster.”
-Thomas Guthrie

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